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Bulk SMS Nigeria, Bulk SMS Services And How To Send Bulk SMS

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We decided to share our experience, in running bulk SMS Nigeria platform, with others as our own little way of giving back to the society. Bulk SMS Services are in various business parts, from bulk SMS consulting to developing an app to simplify how to send bulk SMS, depending on your choice. Take your time to read this article and make the best of it.

We have bulk SMS website which we have been managing for more than 7 years and we know a lot of people are also interested in starting one and you are probably one of them.

Every business has in itself the potential for profit. Without bias mind, bulk SMS business is a profitable business in Nigeria. Though the profitability varies from person to persons depending on a combination of factors like knowledge of the business in focus determination, competitive analysis, market knowledge, passion, business habit, personal habit, customer relationship, consistency which we are uncovering here.

There are steps that must be taken and these steps determine the strength of any business. What are those necessary steps? First and foremost is;

As it is in every business, there is a crucial need for feasibility study too in Bulk SMS Business. During this study, you get to know your target market, cheap and reliable companies with best reselling plan and price tag and also it teaches you to know how to fix a price for your SMS to beat the numerous competition. With conception, we now believe that the first step to take when investing into the bulk SMS Nigeria is to do an in-depth research and study into the business, look at what others already in the business are doing and how they are doing it. Absolutely when you do this, there would be no cause for alarm-sparked mistakes because cautions will be in play.

Back to those days when bulk SMS business was in its early bird stage. Starting a bulk SMS business was a huge breakup both in capital and time. But gone are those days, now a barely N2,000 can start a bulk SMS business as a middleman and N30,000 – N100,000 as a bulk SMS Nigeria platform owner with a standard bulk SMS website that you will get from your bulk SMS service provider. No doubt, bulk SMS business is now for the low capital and technological entrepreneur. Imagine, you pay just N30,000 to get a well-designed bulk SMS website, hosted and branded. That means you start your bulk SMS business in a matter of just 2 hours, a day or 2 days and start making money the same day or the next day, depending on the option you choose on a standard provider platform like bulk SMS Nigeria platform. It is a very simple and time-saving online business.

If your bulk SMS service website is up and running, how would you make sales? This is the question that should prick your mind which means you need to get 1-5 customers daily to make it in the business. What comes next in your mind is how you get these customers that would give you money.

Put in Your marketing strategy, for us, we took sometimes to stumble and summarize the long procedures for this business into a simple and easy to understand format. For your bulk SMS to make a surprising break in profit you need to strategize your working style of marketing, tactics that work for you. The uprightly means you should test all the marketing pin-point and then take note effectively those that work out well. Now, here are some of the marketing strategies:

Word of Mouth: Almost every business owner is a marketer and every marketer knows how to use their tongue in a sweetly and thrilling manner, they are always sweet tongued. Say the words with style, spread the word, tell everyone about the bulk SMS service that you render on your bulk SMS platform. Know when to say it so as to make it memorable to the person.

Offline Classified Advertisement: As far as Nigeria is concerned, Nigerian Newspapers are the most resourceful points. So, placing a tiny “Call to action” and hyper-super attractive classified advert in the most popular Newspaper is a sure killing marketing strategy. Here is a sample on how your advert should look like;

Cheap bulk SMS @ N1.90kobo Per Page of SMS
Reliable, cheap, fast and Guaranteed Instant bulk SMS delivery.
www. your website . com.”

If you can come up with such advert content or something better and place the paid advert on popular Nigerian online platforms certainly your sales will skyrocket. Prepare a plan, it may be daily, weekly or monthly and this will guide you through.

Blogging: We have come to notice that blogging is the greatest tool for brand, fans or community building. It works for almost every type of business, and bulk SMS service is not left out. Blogging exposes and shows your real self and business actions to your loyal readers and that is why it is called blog marketing. You should start a blog as a sister site to your bulk SMS website, teach and explain tutorial and secret about SMS and bulk SMS in general with your marketing target – your bulk SMS business website.

Online Classified Advertisement: Basically before now, it has never been so easy to attract huge traffic to a site with just a simple three (3) lines classified advert. But now, it is so easy and you should take advantage of the technology. How? You must have heard about Facebook ads, Google AdWords, AdDynamo, AdBrite etc. There are a whole lot of them across the internet that can be used to get instant sales but we recommend Google AdWords in order to get the best value for the money you are spending on the advert. Design a compelling and call to action Ads to be used for your advert.

Why Bulk SMS Service?

Bulk SMS Service is a very profitable business. It guarantees a reasonably high-profit margin. This depends largely on the difference between the cost price, which is the price you buy SMS from your bulk SMS Service provider and the selling price which is the price you sell to your customers. Many people are getting into this business because of its profit potential and only very few businesses in Nigeria have this similar trait.

Bulk SMS business is not expensive to start. This eliminates the first complain that most young entrepreneurs always give which is CAPITAL. With bulk SMS business, there is no need for so much capital. You do not need to get a loan either from anyone or bank.

Bulk SMS business is very easy to set-up. In most cases, you have to pay your money into the provider’s account and then go to sleep while your provider designs and configures your bulk SMS platform before handling it to you.

Bulk SMS business does not require an office for a beginner to jump-start the business and is not a time-consuming type of business when you are gradually building your business. As a beginner, you can run the business from the comfort of your home using your internet-enabled mobile device or laptop/desktop as a part-time business or fulltime business. It is automated after setting it up and this is done in most cases by the company who designs your bulk SMS reseller platform. All you have to do is to get customers that will be making payment into your bank account for bulk SMS and you will be the one crediting the customers.

The demand for bulk SMS is high and our increasing population is an added advantage. The more people use your bulk SMS platform to send messages, the more profit you make. Big organisations, small businesses and individuals are using bulk SMS services.

How To Send Bulk SMS

The easiest way to explain how to send bulk SMS is exploited in this post for better understanding. All that you need are a mobile phone and an active email address which are required for activation purposes to create a bulk SMS account.

You just need to follow the step-by-step procedures as provided below to send bulk SMS on the majority of the bulk SMS Nigeria platform like ours:

Step 1: Click “Register”, then you fill in your personal data (as required). You will also see a CAPTCHA on the registration form to confirm if you are human, do mark the box accordingly and select the appropriate images only if you are asked to do so. After then, click “Register” to submit your registration form.

Step 2: Activate the newly created bulk SMS account – Check your e-mail inbox for a welcome e-mail from howtosendbulksms. Alternatively, check SPAM box or JUNK folder to see the welcome e-mail. You have to click the activation link in the welcome e-mail to verify your e-mail address, which is part of the pre-requisites that must be fulfilled.

NOTE: You will not be allowed to login if you have not activated your newly created bulk SMS account as explained above and you only click on the activation link just once. The link will continue giving you error messages if you click on it again for the second time.

Step 3: Log-in to your newly created bulk SMS account with your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

Step 4: Enter your GSM number and Date of Birth once a popup prompts you to do so to proceed.

Step 5: Test Delivery – Now, you can test our bulk SMS delivery with the 1 free unit of bulk SMS given to every newly created bulk SMS account. You can only use the free unit to send a page of a text message to a single GSM number. You will have to pay for bulk SMS to send your messages to multiple numbers after testing our platform with the free SMS unit.

Click “Compose SMS” by the left-hand side of the screen under the MEMBERS MENU from wherever you are on the platform and follow the instructions below:

a) SENDER ID – Enter the name you want to be identified with as your sender ID. This is the name your recipients will see on their phones when your bulk SMS text message is delivered. Your sender ID must be ALPHABETS (number/figure must not be included in your sender ID) and it must not exceed 11 characters in length.

b) DESTINATION NUMBERS – This is the box where you enter your recipients’ contact telephone numbers. You can type your multiple numbers directly in this box and separate them by a comma or type on NOTEPAD then copy from notepad and paste in the box using either 0803 or 234803 format. Do not copy your contact phone numbers from Micro-Soft Word or Excel to avoid a delivery problem. If you already have your contact phone numbers on Micro-soft Word or Excel, just copy them, paste on NOTEPAD and save it as a notepad file (text file). After then, you can open the newly created NOTEPAD file (text file), copy the numbers and paste them in the box for “Destination numbers”. Ensure you include your personal number to confirm delivery.

c) TYPE A MESSAGE – This is where you type or paste your message contents. Do not copy your message contents from micro-soft Word. We recommend NOTEPAD to avoid having a delivery problem. You can follow the process in Step 5(b) if you already have your message contents typed on Micro-soft Word.

d) SEND SMS – After following the procedures above, the next thing which is the last action to take is to click “Send SMS” and the message will be delivered instantly.

The explanation on how to send bulk SMS differs from one platform to the other but the steps listed above are the required steps to be followed on most of the bulk SMS platforms in Nigeria.

Start thinking about making money online! Start doing something online today!! Start your own bulk SMS business now!!

What next? Get your own bulk SMS Nigeria platform to start running bulk SMS services now. Bulk SMS website is self-explanatory and you get to understand how to manage the business with ease from how to credit users to how to send bulk SMS. Act fast.

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