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Protesters Call For Immediate Resignation Of Adams Oshiomhole At APC Headquarters

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On Wednesday, in Abuja, some protesters shut down the national secretariat of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The protesters disrupted activities, barricaded the street and entrance, and chased away staff and a handful of security operatives on duty.

During the Senatorial and House of Representatives primaries held, yesterday, they alleged attempts to impose candidates by the national leadership of the party and called for the immediate resignation of the National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole.

Channels TV reported that the protesters were displaying posters with various inscriptions like ‘We want indirect primaries; ‘Oshiomhole stay clear of FCT primaries; Oshiomhole destroying APC; and Oshiomhole, leadership is not activism,’ among others, the protesters barricaded the major road and caused traffic gridlock. They went violent and destroyed billboards.

The irate crowd, who had stormed the national secretariat in the early hours of yesterday, defied the security agents who stormed the secretariat in several operational patrol vehicles.

They sang and danced along the road.

The protest, which was initially largely peaceful, later went out of control, when the angry crowd tried to take control of the entrance of the secretariat gate, and, in the process, barricaded the Blantyre street leading to the APC national secretariat.

Spokesman of the group Usman Mohammed Karshi told newsmen that the group was on a mission to protest injustice and imposition of a mode of primary election in the FCT; an original inhabitant of the territory. They also called for Oshiomhole’s resignation and doubted if he was not working for opposition parties.

“We are here to protest injustice. We are here to protest imposition. We are here to sound it loud and clear that we are solidly in support of president Muhammadu Buhari in 2019. We are here; tell all who have ears that, in the FCT, results will not be written. We are here to state it loud and clear that FCT APC is going for an indirect primary.

“We are here to make it clear to Oshiomhole that we are comrades and that was why we voted for him as chairman. So, we are appealing to his sense of reason. He should be reasonable to give us what we want. FCT APC rejects direct primary in FCT,” Karshi stated.

“NEC was very clear about it that all should go back to their states, and chose whatever method they want. That it is either you go for direct, indirect primaries or consensus.

“The FCT leaders, all nine senatorial and 15 House of Representative aspirants met and agreed that FCT is going for an indirect primary. Why should Oshiomhole and the National Working Committee change it? It is unacceptable. You cannot write results here in the name of direct primaries. It is not possible,” Spokesman of the group explained.

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