Queen Elizabeth Mistakenly Thought To Be An Intruder During a Late Night Palace Walk

The queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II was almost show as she was mistaken for a palace intruder during one of her late night walks.

In what would have definitely been one of the most disastrous domestic event ever the security personnel who sighted her shouted at her and almost resorted to his firearm to stop the supposed intruder.

The queen who suffers from occasional bouts of insomnia is said to have taken a late night stroll on the said night and as sources have stated, she failed to let her security staff know.

She was strolling along the perimeter fencing of the palace walls when the guard came across her at about 3am in the morning and shouted to know who she was thinking she was a dangerous intruder.

To his surprise it was the queen and he is reported to have said on impulse “Bloody hell, Your Majesty, I nearly shot you.”

He apologized for using such language and also for erring in thinking she was an intruder but the queen reportedly took responsibility for putting him in such a position stating that she would let them know the next time she wants to take a walk.

The queen has recently cancelled a number of public appearances as she is said to be suffering a cold.

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