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Ramadan; Lagos Wives Lament Over Rising Prices of FoodStuffs

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Nigeria News takes a look at the sudden increase in the price of foodstuffs during Ramadan.

What most husbands will witness in the next few months will be tougher than what is going on now.

Currently, wives have been lamenting over the sudden rise in the price of commodities due to Ramadan fasting that began on Monday.

The government has no policy in place to control the prices of commodities in our informal sector of the economy where an average trader capitalises on the festive season to hike the price of foodstuffs.

Fruits traders rejoice that Ramadan is here. Their customer base has increased. “Our sales have also increased,” Mallam Seidu said.

Seidu sells fruits at Mile 12 Market, Ketu. According to him, a dozen of Apple is sold for N1300 now instead of N1000 due to Ramadan Fasting. Almost all the foodstuffs including Gaari, Rice and vegetables are sold at increased prices at present.

A 50kg bag of imported rice is now sold between N14, 000 and N15,000 instead of the former N13, 000. This varies from market to market and from trader to trader, depending on the cost of transportation.

A tuber of yam is sold between N500 and N700 instead of the former N350 a few weeks ago.

Interestingly, the Muslims and Christians buy from the same market, which means indirectly, the Christians are also feeling the pain of price hike of foodstuffs.

The most interesting is that the grocers are waiting for the government to begin the payment of new minimum wage so that they can peg the prices of foodstuffs at a higher rate.

It was clear from our investigations that most grocers were only waiting for the day the workers would receive their first salary increment. This has shown in the way they arbitrarily increase the price of foodstuffs, just because of the Ramadan fasting period.

There is a need for government to come up with price control policy so as to regulate the informal sector of the economy.

At present, the purchasing power of most Nigerians is very weak due to poor earnings. Many are currently underemployed and by extension grossly underpaid. Their prayers are that their employers should increase their take-home.

The Market women are eagerly waiting to empty the workers’ purse as it is happening now at Ramadan.

The Lagos husbands must prepare to carry bigger weight of how to run the home in the area of putting foods on the table for the family.

This could increase domestic violence. Transfer aggression from husbands who have not been paid by their employers.

Violent abuse against women who are daily frustrated in the market. It was gathered that many children do not eat regularly in many homes and that this fasting period may aggravate the situation.

The government must quickly look into this because hunger can lead to anger. This is one the main causes of domestic violence, prostitution and stealing among the youths and fulltime housewives.

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