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Rams For Sallah And Peace

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ElevateNews takes a look at how the love for rams have brought Muslim and Christian children together during Eid-el-Kabir.

Today, Christians and Muslims went to the praying grounds at the same time to worship God.

Rams were slaughtered to mark Eid-el-Kabir for the remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim and his son, Ishmael who hearkened to the voice of God to give a sacrifice.

This period calls for somber reflection on Nigeria where religions have so much divided us that people defend their denominations more than God, the maker of all flesh.

That both Muslims and Christians believe Abraham to be the father of them all is enough solace for all faiths to live in oneness and peace.

In one of his books, the Nobel Laureate for peace, Archbishop Desmond Tutu made it clear that God is not a Christian. I cannot agree less that neither is God a Muslim.

He created us all and spread His grace from generation to generation. In the last eight years, thousands of Nigerians have been killed and millions displaced by Boko Haram terrorists over religious matter.

Even though Boko Haram started this insurgency in the name of religion, real Muslims across the world have continually condemned its action and tagged the sect as a terrorist group.

Of course, a religion that must kill to survive couldn’t have come from God. As a Muslim Cleric once posited that the greatest of all Jihads is the one fought against the evil spirit in your heart and won.

We look up to when a Muslim does not see another faith as his enemy and vice versa.

It sounds more irrational when Boko Haram who claims to be fighting Muslim course turn around to kill Muslims in the Northeastern part of the country.

But today, the Sallah celebration was done in style because both Muslims and Christians will call on God to take their sacrifices.

In Lagos, I met a Christian friend at the ram market. He came alongside his children to buy ram.

Asked why he had bought ram, he said to keep his children at home.

Mr. Kolawole Olasupo told our correspondent that his children do not stay at home during “Ileya Festival”, adding that they always join their Muslim friends to look after the rams.

“I can see that it is that rams that really attract them. There is a lot of fun during the “Ileya”, which Christian children love to participate with their Muslim friends.”

“I decided about two years ago to buy rams and also slaughter it to celebrate with my family. I do not kill rams on the Sallah day but two or three days after,” he said.

Children know no religion when it comes to mingling but adults.
As a matter of fact, God presented ram to Prophet Ibrahim as a replacement for Ishmael who would have been used for the sacrifice.

The ram brought solace and rekindled the peace of Prophet Ibrahim who had loved his child so much but was ready to sacrifice him to God.

When children see rams, they jubilate because it brings them together irrespective of their religions.

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