Randy Prophet Lee Kaplan Rapes Six Sisters, Mother

Randy Prophet Lee Kaplan Rapes Six Sisters, Mother

Pennsylvania Jurist has convicted a self-acclaimed Prophet of God, Lee Kaplan for committing sexual assault with six sisters and their mother.

Police arrested Kaplan, 51 after a neighbour reported his randy and cruel life to the security agent and subsequently prosecuted him.

Though he denied committing the crime, investigation revealed that Kaplan had been keeping the sisters and their mother inside his residence as “Gifted” with the pretense to nourish them spiritually.

A neighbour told the police that there were about 12 women and girls living with the evil prophet and that he used them as sex slaves.

“None of the girls is allowed to go out of the place. The false prophet told them that the outside world is dangerous and that the best place to enjoy life is his house,” a neighbour told the police.

Six of the girls are daughters of Amish couple Daniel and Savilla Stoltzfus, according to prosecutors, adding that the parents exchanged them for financial help they got from Kaplan.

Kaplan repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted them and the oldest victim, aged 18, bore two of his children, also girls.

Speaking, the girls confessed that Kaplan regularly had sex with them, including the 14-year old among them and that their parents knew of the crime.

Kaplan denied 17 charges including child rape, sexual assault and indecent assault and was convicted by a jury on Tuesday.

During the harrowing trial, all the girls aged 9 to 19 gave evidence about their sick life at the hands of Kaplan, who described himself as a prophet of God.

Kaplan’s lawyer Ryan Hyde said he continues to deny the offences and will look at appeal options. “He’s said from the very beginning he didn’t do these things,” he told Philly . com “He had hoped for a better outcome.”

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