Reality And Diplomacy of 2018 Prophesies

Reality And Diplomacy of 2018 Prophesies

Nigeria News take a look at the diplomacy and politics of prophecy in the New Year.

Nigerians are one of the most religious people on earth. In this dispensation, Nigeria has exported churches more than most countries of the world with branches of Pentecostal denominations, which have their roots spread across the globe.

Many of the factories that grew Nigerian economy in the past had been converted to church auditorium and crusade grounds as the citizens seek the face of God for solace instead of salvation.

The number of pastors increases daily, yet the sheep run astray. No, do not misunderstand me. It is good to go to church but when doing so becomes a vogue, it can be dangerous.

It is observed that most Nigerians now manage their lives by prophecies as millions of citizens listened with rapt attention to men of God for 2018 predictions in the last few weeks.

The clerics revealed what they claimed God had told them and offered prayers to situations that might spell doom on the nation.

The largest religious bodies live along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway and it comprises of the popular Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, the Deeper Christian Life Bible Church, the Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry and of course the Muslim Campground, NASAFAT.

The axis is the home of sanctity when it comes to Christian and Muslim religions. Just about a month ago, the renowned Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke was on the axis for a farewell crusade that lasted for a whole week.

Before he reeled out his prophesies at the cross overnight, the General Overseer of RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adeboye spoke on “Enforcing Your Dominion” in which he urged the citizens to claim their victory over their enemies.

The cleric predicted that a certain “Goliath” that is disturbing Nigeria will fall. He was cautious so that he was not misunderstood even though he did not reveal who the Goliath is.

He prophesied that traitors pretending to be friends would be revealed and that they would be removed. Pastor Adeboye said that there would be no much fire disaster around the world but nations would rise against each other.

His prophecies were corroborated by that of the General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire, Daniel Olukoya who described 18 in the spiritual parlance as dominion but was quick to add that the pestle would defeat the mortar in 2018.

Olukoya confirmed Adeboye’s prophesy of a fallen Goliath. It should be noted here that Olukoya’s pestle can be likened to the small David who defeated the biblical Goliath, the giant of Gath, which of course represents a mortar.

Olukoya went on to say that rebellious kings would perish in 2018. While the two clergymen were diplomatic in revealing the prophecy, a Catholic priest, Ejike Mbaka was blunt.

He said God would change President Muhammadu Buhari if the man refused to change his style of administration. He was emphatic about the cabals lurking the corridor of power as the great impediment for Buhari’s administration, calling for their removal or else God would change the president.

But to the fiery Lagos pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, most political juggernauts would die at the feet of women. He also said that God had asked him to run for the presidency.