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Residents Flee As Flood Ravages Lagos, Ogun States

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ElevateNews takes a look at the challenges Lagos and Ogun residents are facing as flood ravages many communities.

“My children have stopped going to school until after the flood. I ride in a canoe to get out of my house anything time I am compelled to go out. I can still stay in the house because it is duplex, the whole of the downstairs and my compound is already flooded.

I experience this about three years ago. Last year when the flood came, it was not as heavy as this, my children could go to school and my wife also could go to her shops.”

This was the account of a resident of Magboro, a suburb of Ogun State. Otunba Seun Ajide has a beautiful duplex, popularly known as Yellow House at New Generation Estate, Oke Ayo, Magboro but he cannot enjoy the place for now due to the ravaging flood that has taken over so many homes in Lagos and Ogun States.

The boundary towns in these two States have been suffering over the years due to government neglect and whenever the Osun-Ogun River Basing opens the Oyan Dam, homes are put in jeopardy. In Akute, Ganun and Isheri of Ogun State, residents now navigate their homes using a canoe.

Likewise in Mile 12, Owode and many parts of Ikorodu where Ogun River has its tributaries, residents are fleeing as the flood persists. “I pay N50 to cross a distance of 50 metres everyday,” an auto mechanic, who simply identified himself as Rahman told our correspondent.

He lives in Ganun, an ancient town within Magboro and works at Berger, Ojodu Area of Lagos State. “We face serious challenges being a Nigerian living in this part of the State. After swimming in the water early in the morning, we face heavy traffic on the long bridge of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway before getting to Berger. I spend about N1000 on a daily basis on a journey that should not cost me more than N300. The stress is too much. The roads are bad, the paths are flooded, yet there is traffic. It is killing,” Rahman lamented.

To Prince Ogabi, the government that is supposed to help the residents is not doing anything. He said, “About three weeks ago when we noticed that the dam has been opened, the eight Community Development Associations here contributed N1.6 million to dredge the canal around Ganun area, close to Ogun River so that the intensity of the flood will be reduced. The government could not intervene. With all our efforts, the swamp Buggy excavator that came from Ogun State did a very poor job. The canal was so narrow that it could not stop the flood. Many of our people have fled their homes. Some are living with me now pending the dwindling of the flood,” Ogabi said.

Speaking, another resident, Mrs. Florence Aloy, most residents along the Ogun Riverbank have lost many valuables, including electronics and money to the flood. “We have also lost our privacy. However, we thank God that we are alive. The Government should come to our aids,” she said.

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