Same-Sex-Marriage: Between British Laws And Nigerian Culture

Same-Sex-Marriage: Between British Laws And Nigerian Culture

Nigeria News takes a look at the Theresa May stance on the legality of Same-sex marriage in Nigeria and other Commonwealth nations.


It was the former British Prime Minister, David Cameroon that emphasized on why Nigerian Government should not go against same-sex marriage.


The Goodluck Jonathan led government kicked against it. Nigeria’s Senate killed the bill that allows same-sex marriage and went ahead to criminalise it. The former President of the Senate, David Mark argued that same-sex marriage was against the African culture and would never be allowed in Nigeria.


He dared the threat by the British Government to sanction Nigeria for discriminating against same-sex marriage and called the bluff of the then British Prime Minister, Cameroon and the former President of the US, Barrack Obama.


Of course, there are gay partners and Lesbians in Nigeria who are in a serious relationship. They do this secretly not only because it is unacceptable in the country but because it is out of the context of the black culture.


Mark has laid emphasis on culture but failed to address the fundamental human rights of the people who have chosen same-sex-life.


Beyond culture, God never supports same-sex marriage, according to the Bible and Al-Quran. In Genesis 2; 18, God says “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.”


God actually created a woman as the helpmate for man but over the years, the man came up with new laws to suit his own flesh and desire.  Thus, same-sex marriage becomes legal in many countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom.


The US President Donald Trump is not on the same page with his United Kingdom’s counterpart, Theresa May on this. While Trump had continued to speak against same-sex marriage, describing it as evil, May on Tuesday at the Commonwealth Summit urged members to allow the practice of same-sex marriage.


To May, the laws that discriminate against same-sex marriage in most African countries were made by the British and they were wrong then and also wrong now.


She called on Commonwealth countries not to discriminate against same-sex marriage but allow people to exercise their fundamental rights on which sex they would like to marry.


Will Nigeria ever embrace this call? I do not think so, even though there are thousands of gays and lesbians around.


Will the snub of the call attract a British sanction to Nigeria? This is a question the Federal Government must handle with a lot of diplomacies.


President Muhammadu Buhari had earlier visited May before the larger meeting on Tuesday. He solicited the support of the Government of the United Kingdom in the area of security and investment in Nigeria.


Buhari commended the efforts of the British Government in the area of security, especially in fighting the insurgency in northeastern Nigeria but the president emphasized more on British Investment in Nigeria.


Buhari noted that what was germane to him now was how to fulfil his three cardinal objectives of providing quality security, curbing corruption and growing the economy of Nigeria.


In his response, Theresa May commended the effort of Buhari’s government for taking the country out of economic recession and gradually achieving some positive results in the economy.


Will the British government sincerely give its support to Nigerian government that is frowning at the same-sex marriage?

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