Saraki And The Thugs In Police Uniform

Nigeria News takes a look at the turn of events in the Offa Bank robbery.

Still on the brouhaha between President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki and the Nigeria Police. Undoubtedly Saraki has humbled himself in the last few days.

He was ready to appear before the police over his alleged involvement in the Offa bank robbery and killings of innocent people. The police had invited the Senate president in a news conference, even when they had not sent a letter of invitation to him.

Saraki actually sent one of his aides to the police to get his invitation letter but was told that the law enforcement agent had soft-pedalled on the invitation and would prefer the Senate president to write all that he knew about the Offa robbery.

This is what the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris could not do. He was summoned by the Senate thrice but refused to appear. Rather he sent representatives who failed to the Senate.

From the way the police were handling the case, it was obvious that the law enforcement agency wanted to humiliate Saraki. The President of the Senate, having escaped the trials by the Code of Conduct Tribunal over the alleged false declaration of the asset is facing another image battle.

He has his own supporters. On Monday, hundreds of them stormed the palace of Olofa of Offa, Oba Mufutau Muhammed Oloyede Gbadamosi, Okikiola Esuwoye II to protest against the handling of the case, in which Sarai has been indicted.

The monarch told the police to seek the real culprits of the Offa bank robbery instead of politicising the crime. To him, all Nigerian politicians use political thugs to silence their opponents. In this case, the thugs who have now turned themselves to robbers should be ready to face the consequence.

It sounds comical and implausible, but l want to keep an open mind, pending the outcome of the police investigation.

But the pertinent question is, could it be true that Saraki really armed and sponsored the robbers to kill and steal money from banks? The whole thing sounds so comical to me, to say the least. Unfortunately, we are in a political period where many people, out of political prejudice or support, can’t dissect issues rationally and objectively.

Another question is, where did the bandits get police rifles, which they used for the operation on the fateful day? I guess there are a great number of thugs, armed robbers, kidnappers, murderers that are in police uniform.

No, I’m not saying that our policemen are also thieves, some of them aid robbery and thuggery.

We just saw what happened in the “Otokoto” murder case when the Supreme Court two weeks ago freed one of the convicts after over 15 years on death row.

Some of us had witnessed in this country, where a Col. Bello Fadile was tortured to implicate General Obasanjo on the phantom 1995 “coup” and how ACP Zakari Biu tortured Col. Gwadabe to the point of death to implicate himself in the same phantom coup or Col. Ajayi (rtd) who said he lost the use of his manhood till date due to the torture he received over the phantom coup, you would permit my cynicism in the current scenario.

But like l said, l keep an open mind till after the end of the police investigation. But, how l wish there was no previous face-off between the police high command and Saraki. It would have removed any perception of a witch hunt. But if there is anyone complicit in the Kwara state government, such person should face the music. This too shall pass.

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