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Sexforgrade: What Goes On At UNILAG Cold Room

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Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu

ElevateNews takes a look at the sex scandal at the UNILAG.

The #sexforgrade and #Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu competed for space on twitter over the weekend until Monday morning. For twitter dwellers, a click on any of the two trending topics will easily link to the other.

The lecturer at the Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos, Boniface Igbeneghu is synonymous with Sexforgrade on twitter as BBC Africa rolled out one of its investigative piece and video clip of the sex scandal that is rocking the citadel of learnings in West African.

The report also captured another lecturer at the University of Ghana, Dr. Paul Kwame Butakor who proposed to be a “side guy” to the BCC undercover reporter.

The reporter, Kiki Mordi who pretended as a student to both lecturers exposed the sex escapade of Igbeneghu whom many of the students had alleged of sexually harassing them.

Every single year, there is always a story from one department to another; from one faculty to another that a female student has been sexually abused.

Earlier this year, a Professor, Richard Akindele of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife was accused of sexually harassing a female student. He was investigated, found guilty and later dismissed by the varsity authorities.

The irony of the story is that Akindele is a clergy at the Anglican Diocese, Ile-Ife. And just like Akindele, Igbeneghu is also clergy of the Four Square Gospel Church.

In the video clip where he struggled to kiss his victim, Igbeneghu actually offered prayers before asking the undercover female student for a kiss.

He said, “Switch off this light, lock the door and I’ll kiss you for a minute.” He described how male lecturers always lured female students to a secluded area of the university, “the Cold Room” for smooching and possibly sexual intercourse.

The clip narrated how some female students had tried to commit suicide because of the sexual terror by their lecturers. “They terrorize mostly the weak students and can do anything to also frustrate brilliant female students to have their ways.

Of course, most university authorities have always denied that their lecturers engage in these nefarious activities, social media is revealing the anomalies in the universities.

There are thousands of Igbneghus and Akindeles in Nigerian universities, polytechnics and colleges of education, and this is really reflecting in the quality of graduates from the institutions.

It is obvious that a female graduate who cannot write a complete statement correctly has actually paid her way through, using her body to seduce the lecturer and upgrade her marks.

That lecturers go after students for sex is no more fanciful but hundreds of female students now parade themselves as sex slaves to augment their grades.

Only but a few numbers of students study hard to earn the grade. The society has contributed to this negative culture in that most employers will hardly invite graduates with a lower grade for an interview not to talk of giving them the job.

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