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Small Doctor: Police Ambassador In Unlawful Possession of Gun

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Nigeria News takes a look at the arrest of a Nigerian singer, Adekunle Temitope, aka, Small Doctor over illegal possession of arms.

He caused chaos in Agege area four days before he threatened to kill a police officer in Oshodi area of Lagos State.

The Nigeria Afro Singer, Adekunle Temitope also known as Small Doctor was ready to practise what he had seen in movies but the police quickly intervened.

During a performance in Agege, the young lad shot and injured four persons. He goes around with guns like a cowboy.

The police actually arrested him for shooting but he was released on self-recognition as police ambassador.

Small Doctor is one of Nigeria Police Ambassadors but his carriage and the criminal tendency has not portrayed him as a good representative of the police force in the recent time.

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi said that he expected the young man to have learnt a lesson, following his arrest over Agege’s crime but Small Doctor would not budge.

In an unregistered SUV, Small Doctor drove with three other friends along Oshodi and threatened a police officer with a gun for stopping the vehicle.

Of course, they were apprehended by the police, locked and paraded as criminals, Small Doctor has not been stripped of his ambassadorial status.

It is becoming rampant that artists in Nigeria now move with a gun but it is more worrisome that some of them now brandish the arms in public places.

“My gun is licensed, my gun is licensed,” the singer cries out but must he use it to kill innocent souls as he nearly did in Agege where he injured four persons?

Does Temitope’s ambassadorial status legalise him to carry a gun like the law enforcement agencies and shoot at the slightest provocation?

What is the limitation of the use of his licensed gun? These and many other questions are calling for answers.

And it is so absurd that the Magistrate’s Court Ebutte Metta where the Singer was arraigned could not speak more on this, except that the Small Doctor should go back home in peace and sin no more.

The Chief Magistrate A.O Komolafe granted Adekunle Temitope bail with the instruction that he should not be found in any violence for the next one year.

It must be noted here that Small Doctor is prone to crime, having found culpable in two criminal act within a week despite being a police ambassador.

He is a singer and as it is now, most of them work under the influence of hard drugs. To me, it is suicidal to allow a man under the influence of tramadol to move with a gun.

Before these gun runner will go haywire, the police and the judiciary will need to take a drastic step to curb the situation. When did it become a law that Nigerians could move around with guns?

This does not speak well of the country as it reveals how porous our ports and borders had been for illegal importation of firearms.

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