Snakebite: Anti-Venom Arrives Nigeria

Snakebite: Anti-Venom Arrives Nigeria

About 5, 000 vials of Anti-Snake Venom have arrived Nigeria barely a month that snakebite ravaged Plateau State.


Currently, ASV drugs, which arrived at the weekend, included EchiTAB Plus for venom from carpet viper, Puff Adder and Black Cobra and EchiTAB G for the treatment of bites from carpet vipers.


Micropharm Ltd, United Kingdom (UK) produced EchiTAB G at the same time EchiTAB Plus is produced at Instituto Clodomiro Picado, University of Costa Rica.


The last dose of the drugs was used in August and following the high rate of snakebite in the harvest season, the country had to order for ASV drugs.


According to him, 3,000 ASV vials were received from Costa Rica and 2,000 vials from the United Kingdom at the weekend.


He regretted that lack of the ASV seriously contributed immensely to the death of many people due to snakebite, adding that about 10, 000 ASV vials would soon be received to stabilize the situation and to prevent future occurrence of death from snakebite.


Durfa said that the drugs had been distributed to snake treatment centres with over 700 shared to Kaltungo General Hospital, Gombe.


Durfa said that 500 vials were given to the snake treatment centre in Plateau state.

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