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Some Nigerian Churches And Their Sermons Of Pains

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ElevateNews takes a look at the situation of some worshippers in the hands of fake pastors.

The songs of salvation have ceased in their mouths. They preach the sermon of prosperity and make the giving of tithes and offerings a bylaw.

The self-ordained men of God make an announcement of miracles. Churches of today diagnose all ailments and their cures. They are boastful.

The value of hard work as the only way to property is being treated with disdain. Poverty and diseases push many to the church. Worshipers troop to church, perhaps they can get rich and their problems get solved magically.

The former industrial estates had since become cathedrals where pastors do a business of money doubling in the guise of tithes and offerings.

As the church grows, the rate of unemployment also grows, yet the sermon of prosperity endures.

Fake pastors have easily capitalised on the government’s failure to provide basic amenities for the populace.

Our prayer points centre so much on how to pay the children school fees and get quality health service.

Worshippers pray on how to get uninterrupted power and water supply. They pray without ceasing not because the Bible has said it but because there is no hope anywhere.

The future is bleak. The pensions after years of hard work are not accessible to pensioners.

So when they work, they steal to provide for the evil days. Only a few go to church to seek salvation, many are there to seek a new order of making money.

The fake pastors know these shortcomings and so they lure the sheep into their den and milk them dry.

They seek God that they do not know and find themselves in the cells of servants of the devil.

The stories of fake pastors dominating Christendom are alarming. If it is not about a randy pastor and a church girl, it will be about a ritualist prophet.

A friend once told me that the prayer point of an average African is different from that of an average British or American.

While the African prays for food, an American prays for salvation because her government has settled the issue of food.

While an African prays for Visa to leave for America, the Jewish will only need to update his travel documents to get to the United States.

Nigerians submit their passports to their pastors for marathon prayers and fasting.

They visit churches for succour but leave with disappointment just as it happened at Sotitobire Miracle Centre in Akure where a little boy was kidnapped from her mother.

The pastor of the church and the wife covered up the story but thanks to the social media, the mother cried to the public and the “man of God” was arrested by the Department of State Service.

It was gathered that while the irate youths of Akure set the church on fire, the body of the missing boy was exhumed from the altar.

Though the Ondo State Police Command had since debunked such news, the whereabouts of the boy is unknown.

This is the pain that many African women are passing through. They have gone to church to seek solace but leave with pains.

They lack the knowledge and so they perish.

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