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Sophistry Journey of The Scammers, and The Uninformed

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Nigeria News takes a look at the two episodes of the town hall meetings for APC and PDP flagbearers with Khadaria Ahmed.

The second episode of the town hall meeting anchored by Khadaria Ahmed happened on Wednesday night with the Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar and his running mate Peter Obi.

It was a bit more interesting than that of the All Progressives Congress flagbearers, President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

Unlike the first episode in which Osinbajo had to help an uninformed president Buhari to answer some questions, both Atiku and Obi showed their eloquence but with a lot of lies.

I am savvy enough to know that everybody’s minds are made up on whom to vote for as television appearances will not change the dynamics fundamentally.

I watched both episodes, and while nothing earthshaking came out of them, they present the fleshing out of caricatures that we have been presented with since the beginning of the campaign season.

It was clear from the first episode that President Buhari is detached and uninformed about the running of his own government. His inability to understand questions shows that the cabals are the one directing the affairs of the country.

Our professor, a bible scholar and Christian cleric, Professor of Law, Yemi Osinbajo has mastered the art of sophistry. Even when he lacks the facts, he is good in managing himself out of corners.

 However on Wednesday, both Atiku and Obi made us to understand that they did not know much about corrupt practices or that they knew but were looking for a way out of Khadaria’s barrage of probing questions.

Obi was a smooth operating scammer while Atiku answered questions on corruption with diplomacy as he was trying to debunk using his position as vice president to acquire much of national wealth for his personal business. The job before Khadaria Ahmed therefore was either to debunk these assertions or reinforce them.

For the supporters of Buhari/Osibajo interview, which was painful to watch, the denial was that Khadaria was rude and pushy for insisting that President Buhari should answer questions thrown at him, instead of being baby seated by Osinbajo.

The justification was that while Buhari might not be an orator, he gets the job done.

In the second interview, which was a strain on the ears due to Mr Obi’s voice, the supporters of the duo attacked Khadaria for being pushy and unprofessional as their point of denial, and then justified it by saying that while the duo was exposed for their duplicity and knack for insider trading, they still did better than the Buhari/Osinbajo interview!

So, both group of supporters descended on Khadaria for asking the tough questions, and on the other party for their incompetence.

Nothing on why a man who runs the country for the past three years cannot provide stock answers to simple questions, his deputy cannot explain a knack for obvious nepotism and lopsidedness of appointments.

That the man who wanted to take his job cannot explain why our Commonwealth ended up in his private pocket, and the running mate cannot explain why state funds were invested in a family business without any sense of shame.

So on one hand people who were shouting corruption and integrity cannot defend the administration’s three years of blatant cronyism while those who shout incompetence look away from their own candidates’ obvious lack of any ethical moral standard.

Knowing fully well that this election will be decided on the basis of ethnicity, regional and special interests, the interviews provided a temporary diversion from that reality. Khadaria Ahmed has won this battle, Nigerians will win the war.

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