Soyode, A Presidential Aspirant Tasks FG On National Security

A leading Presidential Aspirant in the 2019 General Elections in Nigeria, Mr. AIi Soyode, has called on the three Tiers of government to increase the level of security required for peaceful coexistence among its Citizens, emphasising that the primary responsibility of any government is the protection of lives and properties as enshrined in the constitution and on moral, cultural and religious grounds.

Ali Soyode who was reacting to recent developments in the country said more than 2000 people lost their lives over preventable conflict and issues such as communal crises, herdsmen/farmers’ clashes, gas explosion, lack of health care facilities among other things.

Emphasising that economic losses from such impacts on any nation will affect her growth, earnings and investment drives.

While commenting on the recent killings in Plateau State, where hundreds were left dead, the aspirant, Mr Soyode said the delay in creating an immediate response by leaders is reducing the hope and security expected by the people.

Mr Soyode added that local people need their hope built positively and subsequently want the criminals responsible for the killings arrested and brought to book in a competent court of law.

Last month, armed bandits suspected to be herdsmen attacked the villages of Razat, Ruku, Nyarr, Kura and Gana-Ropp in Gashish District in Barkin Ladi Local Government Area of Plateau State, with about 86 people killed and various figures across other states been killed.

The states and the federal government came under severe attack for not combating what has now become a major national problem.

Pointing to the economic losses that accrue from such deaths, Mr Soyode said more should be done by states and federal governments to bring back wholly the rule of law and ensure its full compliance as failure to do so would lead to more hardship for the ordinary citizens of Nigeria.

Mr Soyode, the former CEO of the largest black Television station in Europe BEN Television and the Commandant General of International Mentoring Corp, who joined Nigeria’s presidential race a few months ago said: “All these can be avoided and curtailed if the people feel the leadership is there for them. It is unfortunate and saddening to read, watch or listen to news daily about the challenges and crises as there is always an opportunity to give peace a chance.

“Peace helps communities to build their economy, have better things of life, enjoy the structures provided by governments and make the compliance with the rule of law easier. We do not need the sad news daily facing us when we can all collectively do better to help build a nation which has all the necessary resources to be great.”

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