Soyode, BEN TV EUROPE Former CEO Joins 2019 Nigeria’s Presidential Race

Nigeria News - Soyode, BEN TV EUROPE Former CEO Joins 2019 Nigeria's Presidential Race

Europe’s first ethnic media satellite channel’s founder and its former CEO, Mr Ali Soyode, has formally declared his intention to run for Nigeria’s President in 2019. He is also the convener of YES Nigeria, a fast-rising positive and innovative movement in the country.


Addressing stakeholders and supporters in the country’s capital, Abuja on Monday, Soyode said his interest is to empower Nigerian youths, bridge the divide gaps, strive for greater heights, improved the Es and to get everyone participating in the affairs of the nation.


The well attended and colourful declaration event showcased his mission for Nigeria with the YEEEEEEEEEES template which highlighted his vision for the country in various sectors of government based on Youth, Economy, Education, Employment, Energy, Enterprises, Elderly, Expertise, Experience, Equality, Enforcement and Security. All driven by the written Nigerian constitution. He appreciated the leaders in the country, especially the founding fathers for sacrifice to get the country on a path and called the electorates to use their voting rights to elect the needed in 2019.


“We have the youth and the experience of our elders and both are needed to make Nigeria a greater Nation. “We have the ability to meet our challenges because we have the most needed resources, human capital and blessing of natural resources that abound in the country as well as millions of highly skilled Nigerians in the Diaspora. “Our economy sincerely needs diversification, moving away from oil to manufacturing and services. “Our education is falling; many have called for a national emergency in the education sector and educational standards are actually declining in parts of the country.’’


Mr Alistair Soyode, fondly called the ‘BRIDGE’, said he would also focus more on security as the benefits of living in a great Nation like Nigeria would not be enjoyed without good and secured security.


 He said that the armed forces and police would be reformed by increasing their budgets, training them and equipping them with the necessary tools to fight crime.


 He said: “To me, police officers are as important as any officer or executive in Nigeria. “Their job is not to protect only those that have the resources to hire private security officers but to deal with anyone breaking the law and safeguarding the property and belongings of the common people.


“All options will be explored to help reduce crime and whoever is found guilty will face the full wrath of the law.


“Let this be a warning to the foreign killers in Nigeria; leave the country now; it is the end of the road,” he said.

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