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Spate Of Kidnap Forces Nigerian Lawmakers To Lie Low

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The incessant increase in the rate of kidnap across the country has forced many Nigerian lawmakers to live quiet life.

Nigeria News headlines on print media and electronic media with surprising kidnap cases’ revelations have created so much fear in the country, most especially after the arrest of notorious and richest kidnapper in Nigeria, Chukwudidumeme Onwuamadike popularly known as Evans. The fear of being the next victim of abductors is gradually killing the ostentatious living of the Nigerian political elites who now prefer to ride in their official cars but with no official number plate.

A visit to the National Assembly and some states’ Houses of Assembly revealed that the lawmakers either covered their vehicles’ official number plate or put a private one to disguise when going on official duty.

Beside the fact that the political class hardly go to social gathering now for the fear of being investigated by the country anti-graft agencies, they have maintained moderate lifestyle to repel incoming kidnapper.

In Lagos State, the lawmakers had made law, including death sentence for kidnappers.

Even at that, the rate of abduction has continued to grow. It is 30 days today that six pupils of the Lagos State Model College, Igbonla Epe were abducted and still in the kidnapper’s cell.

Though, the Special Intelligence Team of the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris did a quality job to have arrested the notorious kidnapper, Evans, investigation shows the escapade and how deep the crime of abduction had cut into the fabrics of the society.

There is fear among children and parents; pupils and teachers as shown by the recent letter written to another Model College in Kankon, Badagry Lagos by the kidnappers to prepare for another invasion.

Yes, the lawmakers have reason to fear because the kidnapping trend is tilting towards them because in the last four weeks no fewer than four lawmakers at the state and federal level had been kidnapped.

A lawmaker from Kano State, Mr. Garba Umar-Durbunde, was kidnapped by gunmen (a group of kidnappers) along the Abuja-Kaduna Road.

Investigation showed that he paid N10m ransom to secure his freedom while another senator’s aide was killed by a group of kidnappers for shielding their target, Senator Jonah Jang who happened to be the former Governor of Plateaus State.

Senator Jonah Jang’s aide was killed by kidnappers last weekend and it was said that the former Plateau State governor was the target.

At the National Assembly, lawmakers’ official vehicles could not be identified as they hid it away from the public view.

The fashion of being an honourable member with obvious display of official vehicle number is dying and from findings, many of the lawmakers have gone to the extent of hiring private security men to fortify their official guards.

“My view has changed about the security of this country, following the increasing rate at which politicians are being kidnapped now, Senator Adesoji Akanbi, representing Oyo South Senatorial District has said.

The senator who had since travelling on the road said that one of the best ways to keep away from the menace of kidnapping is to travel by air.

“I fly most times and whenever I must travel on land, then I must disguise like many of the lawmakers now do,” he said.

As a matter of fact, an average lawmaker in Nigeria goes home with about N9 million monthly, making them an endanger specie with the present crime situation in Nigeria.

Akanbi said that security has gone beyond what government alone can do but that it requires the politicians to be more observant and be careful about the events they attend.

Another lawmaker, Senator Danjuma La’ah accused security agents of failing to perform their duties as he identified Kaduna-Abuja road as one of the notorious routes for kidnapping.

La’ah confessed that most lawmakers were jittery at present and that they were working round the clock to find solution to the crime of abduction and killings that have pervaded the country in the recent time.

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