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Stinking Judiciary And Lawless Executive

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Nigeria News takes a look at the various organs of government and their impunity.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s long speech that suspended the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Walter Onnoghen also exposed the rots in the judiciary.

This is an arm of government that is supposed to be independent as the interpreter of the law but records have shown how it has been misinterpreting the constitution of our land.

Buhari lamented that many of the public officers that were found alleged of corruption had since been set free by the judiciary because the judicial leadership had compromised.

Recalled that the operatives of the Department of State Service once raided the homes of some justices over the allegation of bribery and corruption. They were prosecuted and exonerated. They are back in the system.

Under Onnoghen, the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki was acquitted of the allegation of false declaration of assets by the Code of Conduct Tribunal.

Buhari’s government noticed all this and it’s not happy. To the president, the war against corruption cannot be won with the compromised attitude of the judiciary.

And with the new revelation that the suspended CJN, Onnoghen operates foreign and domiciliary accounts stashed with proceeds of bribery, some of which he failed to declare as parts of his assets, it gives the impression that truly the judiciary is stinking.

To make the matter worse, Onnoghen confessed that he forgot to declare about four bank accounts stashed with dollars.

No sane clime will pardon such a legal officer. The highest position in the judiciary. Onnoghen was supposed to have honourably resigned or stepped aside to allow the Code of Conduct Tribunal to conclude its investigation.

He suddenly went Wild and refused to summon the meeting of the National Judicial Council, which he headed as the Chairman.

Onnoghen knew that the body could ask him to step aside and recommended his suspension or removal as the CJN to the president.

The embattled CJN knew that it would be difficult for President Buhari to remove him, going by the rules. He has the backing of senior lawyers and governors of south-south who earlier told him not to resign.

But Onnoghen had forgotten that he was dealing with a Lawless executive, controlled by a mafia that has no respect for the constitution.

According to the constitution, the president can only appoint or remove a sitting CJN, following the recommendation of the NJC. But in the case of Onnoghen, it was the CCT that recommended his suspension.

In his epistle, Buhari appointed an Acting CJN, Justice Tanko Mohammed and swore him in the same day against what the constitution says that it is only the NJC that can forward the name of candidate of CJN for appointment by the President.

What a nation where the legislature is corrupt, judiciary stinking and the executive Lawless. The media, the fourth estate of the realm, the members of the public are confused about who is right or wrong in this situation.

Is it the judiciary, whose head is rotten or the executive that is living the holier than thou life?

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