Styl-Plus is Back as They Sign New Record Deal

Styl-Plus is Back as They Sign New Record Deal

Remember them? the crew of 3 young guys who serenaded out ear buds back then with hit singles like “Imagine that”,” Olufunmi”, “Iya Basira” and others, Styl-plus, well they might just be on their way to make a stunning comeback as reports have it that they have been signed to Eskimo records.

Styl-Plus which comprised of Shifi, Tunde and Zeal went into a hiatus and then Tunde went solo some few years back while nothing was heard of the other two in the group.

Shifi and Zeal are now reportedly flying the Styl-Plus brand name and they have been picked up by the label that specializes in signing upcoming artistes with the likes of Prokassy and Dunnie the guitarist, under contract to the label.

Back then Styl-plus were popularly called the Nigerian “west life” and a lot of fans are eager to see what the smooth voiced guys have in store this time.

Would they be able to hit the heights they attained when they first emerged? That is a question for another day. But for now lets anticipate.

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