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S*x-Seeking OAU Professor Is A Reverend Gentleman

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Nigeria News looks at the personality of OAU professor who was alleged of s*xual misconduct.


Professor Richard Akindele, no doubt is an erudite scholar. A lecturer at the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University and a man one could easily describe as an achiever, having grown his academic career to such an enviable height.


He did not stop at the academic, the professor in the Department of Accounting and Management grew his pious life in Anglican Communion and rose to become a reverend.


He teaches both moral and academics in churches and colleges and carries two enviable titles around; professor, reverend. But early this week, the professor’s moral became questionable via an audio that went viral on social media.


One of his numerous female students had circulated the audio, alleging the reverend professor of demanding five rounds of s*x so that he could upgrade her marks from 33 to an enviable mark.


At present, the varsity authority had set up a panel to investigate the randy pastor in the academic environment, perhaps he actually invited the lady for s*x escapade.


When the academic in question had suddenly become evasive from the public domain over the s*xual rumpus, he had thrown his family, most especially the children and wife into trauma.


The wife whom I think is a devoted Christian could only describe the present scenario as cheap blackmail to rubbish the image her husband had built and nurtured over the years.


Of course, you will say that it is not new that a professor would want a female student to smell his bed, one out of hundreds of these s*x-maniacs end up as the scapegoat to teach their colleagues a bitter lesson.


Professor Akindele, a pastor is not a sacred cow, after all, he is due for probing and if he is found to be innocent, then the student in question may have to find her way out of the university. Without which she will be labelled as a blackmailer and will never graduate.


Good enough, the Congress of Academics, a body of lecturers at OAU had requested for the immediate probe of the alleged act of irresponsibility by one of them, I pray that the professor is not judged by another set of randy academics.


It happens in many Nigerian universities. Lecturers pleaded with colleagues to pass their girlfriends, of course after some professional s*xual activity.


The case became interesting when members of the church where the professor does the work of reverend visited his home.


They shed the brotherly tears, perhaps crocodile tears if you will permit me and said Oh, “Our professor is a man of God. Hmmm, the voice in the audio is exactly the voice of our reverend but he is a gentleman. He cannot say all these, it is a setup,” the church members said.


At times, I question the honesty of church when it comes to setting the truth free. A professor voice, the reverend voice, yet the church describes it as blackmail. Who is blackmailing who? The reverend professor who allegedly wanted a five round of s*x or a female student who failed an examination but wanted an “A”.

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