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Tension In Nigeria As Ritual Killings Take New Dimension

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It is awful that stories relating to ritualism is taking prominent space in Nigeria News as at today.

Ritual killings have taken a new dimension across the country yet the law enforcement agent has not been able to find a new strategy to kick out the crime that is now ravaging the nooks and crannies of the country like whirlwind.

Before now, kidnapers were around and they engaged in the dastard act for money rituals.

They were referred to as “Gbomogbomo” in the Southwest of Nigeria and each time they ran out of luck while trying to kidnap, angry mobs usually descended on them, killing them instead.

Jungle justice had been in Africa over the years and it is still being practiced now. A very good example is the recent killing of members of Badoo ritual cults in Ikorodu Lagos.

But sometimes, jungle justice takes away innocent souls. The government prefers angry citizens to report suspects to police instead of taking law into their hands.

In the recent time, the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria, Lagos has become so tensed up due to the activities of a cult group, identified as Badoo.

They kill to take blood, which they use to do ritual, perhaps for money making or to seek some sorts of fetish powers.

With the police and resilience of residents in the Ikorodu Area of Lagos, the cult group moved to Ajegunle area of Lagos this week, killing three people who were worshipping in a church.

While the dusts of Niger Delta Militancy and Boko Haram Insurgency were settling down in the South and north, echoes of abduction and kidnapping were becoming louder in the Southwest Nigeria.

As the police were battling to stem abduction, even with the arrest of a notorious kidnapper, popularly known as Evans, ritual killings surfaced in a bigger manner to douse the hope of people.

From Okija to Ibadan; from Ogun to Lagos, the police had been able to uncovered ritualists shrines and had made arrests but the newest problem now is in Osogbo, the capital of Osun State where students now get missing almost every month.

10 days ago, a 400 student of Osun State University, Timilehin Sonibare left his room at about 9pm and never came back. He was cooking some food before leaving the room but the evil hands caught him. He never tasted the food.

His friends noticed that his food was burning on fire. They rushed to the apartment but met nobody. Sonibare had gone out never to return. He was killed in cold blood by ritualist to make money or power that would soon fade away.

Not until Monday, nobody could trace the whereabouts of the unlucky student. His decomposing body was found inside a bush.

Before Sonibare’s case, no fewer than four students of the institution were reported to have been kidnapped in the last six months, never to found dead or alive.

The Osun State Police Command said that the bush was near one Muslim Cleric, identified as Alfa and that the suspect had been arrested.

But to students of Osun State University, the police statement is not enough as they took to the major roads of the state capital on Wednesday to demand justice for their colleagues who were kidnapped and killed for rituals.

The students blocked the roads, marched on the state Government House and sought the state Governor’s assurance that never again would any of them be kidnapped.
They sought justice for Sonibare and others.

Commenting on the ugly saga, the state Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr. Adelani Baderinwa, appealed to the protesting students in the state to keep calm as the security operatives have arrested those in connection with the crime.

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