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Terrorism: The Nigeria’s Perspective  

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Nigeria News take a look at the Federal Government’s idea of who a terrorist is, as US Government says it does not consider IPOB as a terrorist organization.


Terrorism is a global affair, no doubt, but some countries have experienced it more than others. September 11, 2001 will linger in the memories of Americans when the World Trade Centre was brought down by terror strike, killing thousands.


In November of that year, American song writer and country music legend, Alan Jackson sang the award winning song, “Where were you when the world stopped turning”.


The song brought comfort to the millions of America who had earlier been thrown into bewilderment by the Al-Qaida terrorist group.


Jackson had sang that he could not differentiate between Iran and Iraq where the terror group had emanated to sow sorrow in the minds of peace loving people of America.


That was the time United States experienced the worst terror attack and since then the government has not been caught unaware.  The US government eventually became the police of the world, defining and describing who a terrorist is.


France, United Kingdom have had their own shares of terror attack by ISIS in the recent time but the most dreaded of the insurgents is the Boko Haram that have ravaged Nigeria for over eight years.

Boko Haram had killed over 20, 000 and displaced more than five million Nigeria. The country has felt the attack of terror more than any country in the last few years.


The Federal Government of Nigeria should know more about terrorism judging by what it had faced in the last eight years. With the support of foreign powers, Nigeria has been able to identify, combat and control the menace of terrorists.


Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari had had the opportunity to tell the world who a terrorist is and how to fight terrorism. That was why it sounded reasonable when the government pronounced the Independent People of Biafra, IPOB as a terrorist organization.


To the Federal Government, Boko Haram began just like IPOB and was allowed to develop into a full fledged terror group before the past government took initiative to fight it.


The Nigerian military intelligence designated IPOB as a terrorist group perhaps because of its past experience. The soldiers had walked among the terrorists. They had walked in the grave of their colleagues who fell by the bomb of the insurgents. They know who a terrorist is by their antics and brutality.


They defined IPOB as one of such.


But to the US government, IPOB is not seen as a terrorist group perhaps because the group has not begun to kill and maim like Boko Haram, Al-Qaida and ISIS.


The Public Affairs Officer, United States Mission to Nigeria, Mr. Russell Brooks said that the American law does not consider IPOB as a terrorist group.


In other words, the US may not assist Nigeria to combat the excesses of IPOB if there is need for such. Though Brooks stated that the United States would always like to see a Nigeria that is united where all its ethnic nationalities would always dialogue to resolve their differences, the America’s idea of terrorism is different from that of Nigeria.


To Senator Shehu Sani, representing Kaduna Central, the US government cannot dictate to Nigeria who a terrorist is. He posted on his facebook page that Nigeria cannot also dictate to America which organisation to designate as terrorist or not.


As he put it, “America cannot dictate to Nigeria which organisation to designate as terrorist or not. Every country to its laws, but the laws must be respected and must not be abused.”

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