The 26 Dead Bodies Of Nigerians In Spanish Warship

Nigeria News take a look at the killings of 26 Nigerians with their bodies deposited inside the Spanish warship.


They ran away from their own country to perish on the Mediterranean. Thousands of Nigerians illegally migrate to Europe through Libya on a daily basis to seek greener pastures.


Many of them had perished while trying to navigate the Mediterranean Sea. In the last two years, over a thousand of these illegal migrants had returned home due to inhuman treatment they had suffered in the hands of their host countries.


There was a time the Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Diaspora Matters, Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa made it official for Nigerians in Libya to return home.


Almost every week, they returned via chartered plane. One would have thought that no Nigerian would ever venture on such dangerous journey, judging by the accounts of maltreatment the returnees had suffered.


Alas, many Nigerians leave Nigeria in search of job, food and shelter away in Europe with no document and vivid identity to trace them.


Investigation showed that an average illegal migrant paid as much as $6, 000 to the immigration officer to help them cross the Mediterranean from Libya and for those who could not pay, they might be asked to pay with their bodies.


Perhaps, that was why 26 Nigerian women were raped and slaughtered right inside Spanish warship.


They were to cross to Europe but ended their lives abruptly in the Mediterranean. The Italian prosecutor is investigating the circumstances that led to the death of the women.


But it was clear that they were raped and killed for failing to pay the hoodlums who helped them to cross from Libya to Europe.


A Lagos Lawyer, Monday Ubani blamed the incessant movement of Nigerian girls to Europe through illegal routes on the failure of the Federal Government to provide jobs in Nigeria.


To him, many Nigerians are moving out of the country because they have not been able to realise their dreams due to the current economic situation.


Despite the death, which of course has been generating censure around the world, the Federal Government is yet to contact Nigeria mission in Rome.


Commenting on the incident, Dabiri-Erewa commiserated with the families of the victims, adding that soon the government would release policy document to curb illegal migration.


These Nigerians between the ages of 14 and 18, according to findings were killed and put in the refrigerated part of the ship.

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