The Dead That Made Buhari’s Board

The Dead That Made Buhari's Board

Nigeria News take a look at the appointments of dead men by Muhammadu Buhari into the boards of agencies, ministries and parastatals.

Agreed that the list was prepared before now, it is an opportunity for President Muhammadu Buhari to go through it for the last time for rightness sake before releasing it to the media.

Agreed that the president is not a superman and can commit this blunder like any other man, he has media aides to correct these errors before getting to the public.

Yet three appointees on the list of board appointments were dead people. The number had since increased to six.

Expectedly, the Federal Government had tendered its apology. Perhaps the list never passed through the media aides because it was released by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Mustapha, mildly put, it is still a national embarrassment.

Rev Christopher Utov was appointed as a member of Nigerian Institute of Social & Economic Research. The proprietor of Fidei Polytechnic, Gboko died on the 17th March 2017.

Chief Donald Ugbaja was appointed as a member of the Consumer Protection Council. Ugbaja, a former DIG of Police died about a month ago, precisely November 29, 2017.

Senator Francis Okpozo was appointed as the Chairman of the Nigerian Press Council. Senator Okpozo, a Senator in the Second Republic, died on Dec 16, 2016. President Buhari even issued a statement mourning his death.

The current scenario speaks volume of mediocrity in this government. This is a government that makes one mistake per week and Nigerians have always pardoned it.

It shows that the country is still living with patchiness after 18 years of democracy with more administrative errors being committed by the current government.

Internal contradictions, a preponderance of shortcuts and unbending fixations, cronyism and nepotism have become not only the bane but the face of a party that promises to change a nation’s sad narratives.

Yes, the PDP in its 16 years in power, bungled our march to greatness, but APC’s strange dance steps in the last three years are far more troubling. Ominous signs are there that given same years, its tales would be worse.

When a party makes the entire nation a butt of beer parlour jokes, in matters as mundane as packing cronies to enjoy perks of office in some boards and agencies, a step that was delayed for over two years, then you can imagine the depth of the shit we are in as a nation.

In all these, should we lose hope? No. We are already in the rain, no point hiding our tears of distress.

Going forward, I implore the party to use the last hours of 2017, to carry out very deep introspection of its activities, accept its honest errors of judgement and address itself to the problems bedevilling the country.

Let those with a voice in the party speak frankly and truthfully within the ranks as we set to get into 2018.

God forbid the party wasting the huge goodwill that ushered it into power in 2015.

Gradually, the Sai Baba of 2015, is fast giving room for Chai Baba, Why Baba and Menene Baba.

Only by the party addressing themselves to tackling the complex challenges of Nigeria in the next 14 months can this chant stop from getting to Shege Baba, or Bye Baba.