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The “Ecomog” Team Won In Kogi

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ElevateNews takes a look at the military approach of the “Ecomog” politicians in Kogi State election.

The billboard displayed the pictures of four politicians as we approached Lokoja from Abuja.

The pictures were looking directly at me with smiles but just a distance away from the portraits was the inscription, “We are Ecomog”.

The leader of the Ecomog team is the Kogi State Governor or better still the governor-elect, Yahaya Bello.

What a military slogan in democracy, I asked rhetorically.

In the Ecomog team was the picture of a veteran journalist and former President of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, Senator Smart Adeyemi.

I could not record the two other soldiers before our vehicles sped past the billboard.

This Ecomog team won the governorship and senatorial elections in Kogi State about two weeks ago.

But unlike the real Ecomog soldiers created by the ECOWAS for peacekeeping mission in Liberia some years ago, this Kogi Ecomog brought violence and killings on its people in the last election.

And for the next four years, the “Kogites” must remain silent and maintain the status quo or else the Ecomog team will help them shut their mouths.

The leader of this team, Bello was adjudged one of the non-performing governors in the country but today he has been returned by “fire by force”.

What gave him the return ticket was not his performance but the power of money and violence. His thugs were tougher and wilder than that of the PDP candidate.

During the All Progressives Congress campaign to bring in Bello again, the governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai went on his knees to plead on behalf of his friend.

He urged the ‘Kogites’ to forgive Bello, adding that the governor will do well in his second term. So they all know that Bello does not deserve the seat again, yet they imposed him on the people.

The election came with violence and won with bloodstains on the uniform of the Ecomog team.

The confluence State mourned despite APC victory, the youths cursed the return of Bello and it looks like the Kogites may not forgive Bello.

“Meet me in the court”, Bello told his PDP contender. “Let the aggrieved persons go to court,” President Muhammadu Buhari said.

The president also ordered the investigation of the barbaric murder of the PDP woman leader in the State by the APC thugs.

The police failed the people of Kogi. It was gathered that those who caused mayhem in Kogi wore the police uniform.

The police said hoodlums disrupted the Kogi election. How many of the thugs had been arrested?

Over 16,000 policemen were deployed in Kogi during the election, yet they failed to provide security for the peaceful conduct of the polls.

The police connived with the Ecomog politicians to disrupt the peace of the Kogites. No fewer than seven persons were reportedly killed, including the PDP woman leader.

It is not that the Kogites did not know the Ecomog team before now. The Kogites never needed a peacekeeping team because there was no war in the State but oppression.

What the residents bargained for was a change of government but what was forced down their throats was the Ecomog team.

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