The Gains In Buhari, Trump’s Meeting

Nigeria News takes a look at the gains of President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to US President, Donald Trump.


The major gain for Nigeria from President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to the United States will be security. The British will never help with quality intelligence and armament without Washington’s approval.


The Americans can now assist with Intelligence if Buhari has been able to convince President Donald Trump it will not fall into wrong hands. Eyes in the sky are key in the war against Boko Haram. And Washington has eyes all over Africa, especially Nigeria.


If Buhari also has the will, the herdsmen crisis might be over soon too. Quality intelligence should assist in the interception of armed groups. They can be shut down before any attack. It all boils down to how Nigeria’s security services handle such intelligence.


Our weak economy and the country’s insecure state cannot allow for protest over the US base about to be established in Ghana. It is certain the base is being established because of possible future intervention in Nigeria. And we dare not complain now.


Whether it is agricultural machinery or products, there is little we can do on those ones too. Of course, we do not need any of those things from the US. But we are not currently in a position to complain. We can become a dumping ground for their products because security is key.


However, one is expecting the US government to walk its talk as it has promised to assist Nigeria in the area of agricultural development.


In their bilateral meeting, as disclosed by the Ogun State Governor, Ibikunle Amosun, a number of US farmers will be coming to Nigeria to help in farming. The US government also promised to give subsidy to its farmers that will be coming to do agriculture in Nigeria.


This is a welcome development to facilitate the key economic policy of Buhari’s administration, diversifying in Agric.


Buhari made it clear at the meeting that Nigeria could not depend on oil alone for development and that the big effort the government put in agriculture in the last three years had helped the economy tremendously.


According to him, there was big harvest last year, which of course created jobs for many northern youths, who would have been easily lured into terrorism.


The American government seems to have been monitoring Nigeria closely, judging by the way Trump quietly reeled out the achievements and the shortcomings of Buhari’s administration.


Of course, Trump was blunt to point out the killings in Nigeria, which may be an obstacle to foreign investors but was quick to add that the US government would assist to address the insecurity.


Besides the sale of fighter jets to Nigeria, the US government is ready to bring expertise to the operation of the weapons.


These are some of the gains Nigeria will be enjoying a renewed friendship with the United States. Buhari’s integrity may not have solved many problems, it has gone a long way in creating new economic and political ties with the world power, who are willing to associate with Nigeria.


Recalled, this is a country once described as fantastically corrupt by former British Prime Minister, David Cameron and recently described as having a reputation for corruption by Trump.

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