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The Ghost Called Abacha Loots

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Nigeria News takes a look at the ghostly feature of Abacha loots.

Gen. Sani Abacha became Nigerian Head of State 25 years ago and died 20 years ago, yet his name has dominated the lists of looters till now.

Abacha loots are in dollars and pound sterling, not in Naira. The Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka is very right to have described Abacha as a psychopath. For five years of his deposit rule, Abacha looted the public treasury and ran the country’s economy aground.

Surprisingly stadium was named after him in Kano. He is being celebrated among his people as a hero even as his loots are being repatriated from abroad.

The current president Muhammadu Buhari was the Chairman of the Petroleum Trust Fund during Abacha government. He never saw Abacha as a looter. Buhari still defends Abacha till tomorrow despite his noise against corruption.

Last year, the Swiss Government said it had sent the last batch of Abacha loot, over $1 million to the Federal Government. The successive governments have recovered about a trillion Naira Abacha loots.

Abacha loot is estimated to stand between $2 and $5 billion stashed across the world. The Bible says that the mad man acquires wealth without knowing who will spend it. Abacha is no more but his loots speak loud.

On Tuesday, the authorities in Jersey, United States confiscated 211 million pounds Abacha loot. This is about N82 billion stashed abroad by the late military dictator. The United States Government, Jersey authorities and Nigerian Government will have to sit on the sharing formula.

The problem now is that Abacha loots are appearing and disappearing. The loots have taken the form of a ghost while the ghost rider itself is laughing in the grave. Abacha family lives on loots while the government of the day celebrates the despot even in his grave.

The heroes of our country are resting in pieces right in their grave while the villains rejoice in hell. That this country is a joke is becoming a reality everyday. There was a time the government said that it would distribute Abacha loots to the poorest.

Perhaps that was what gave birth to the Federal Government’s “tradermoni”, which has since stopped after the general election. While the health sector begs for repair and the education sector cries for help, billion naira Abacha loots fly in and fly out like a ghost.

The government has no favourable answer on how Abacha loots are being expended. The government must do everything to ensure that more than half of the seized N82 billion is recovered.

To me, this is a bonus to the country because this fund is not part of what the government has budgeted for in this fiscal year. Spending this money on either the health or educational sector will go a long way in restoring sanity in these area of social service.

The only way to create peace around the grave of Abacha is by putting his loots into quality use without which his body will continue to rest in pieces.

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