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The Gists and Jabs At Senate Ministerial Screening

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The Gists and Jabs At Senate Ministerial Screening

Nigeria News takes a look at the gists and jabs during the ministerial screening by the Senate.

The former Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed was among the last set of ministerial nominees that were screened by the Senate on Tuesday.

He told the Senate the story of his name and how internet trolls and social media busybodies had coined another name for him. He was asked to explain how “Lai Mohammed” had become ‘Liar Mohammed” in the social media and why he had not written rejoinder against those who nicknamed him.

“Until my grandchild queried me if truly my name is Liar Mohammed, I did not take the issue seriously. He asked whether I’m Liar Mohammed. I did not know how to explain to him that politics actually led to this but I made him understand that those calling me Liar are bad people in the society,” Mohammed told the Senate.

My name is as written on my resume that I presented to the Senate, I’m not Liar but Lai Mohammed, the former Minister reiterated as he urged the Senate to disregard the nickname.

That was on a lighter note. Mohammed spoke for the All Progressives Congress-led government for four years. This is a position I think he will not like to take again, judging by the heat he faced in the last four years.

Of course, he had the support of the media, having fraternized with many newspapers editors and media entrepreneurs from his days as the Chief of Staff to the former Lagos State Governor, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

Mohammed quickly broke into the association of Online Publishers to sell propaganda, which as a matter of fact is the weapon of the current government. The media has been so cornered by this government, if not so, Mohammed would have found his job so difficult.

He had virtually nothing to sell to the members of the public as regards the performance of the APC-led government since 2015.

On Monday, the former Governor of Osun State, Rauf Aregbesola also appeared before the Senate where he cleared the air on the non-payment of workers’ salaries. The ministerial nominee told the Senate that the 2015 economic recession forced his government to slash the salary of level one to seven to 75 percent and that of political office holders to 50 percent to enable him to run the government.

He did not deny that his government had to borrow to implement some capital projects but added that the loud noise against his regime was a political game by his opposition to distract him. Aregbesola’s screening became interesting when Senator Elisha Abbo said that the former governor once gave him his salary to assist his political ambition.

Recalled that Aregbesola had said that he did not receive a salary as the governor, the question is which salary did he give to Abbo? The young Senator who is standing trial for slapping a nursing mother at a sex toy shop in Abuja had actually exposed the deceit in Aregbesola’s regime while trying to praise the former governor.

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