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The Low Voice But Loud Echo of 2023

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Nigeria News take a look at the news about who becomes Nigerian president in 2023 even when President Muhammadu Buhari has not been sworn-in for his second term in office.

Despite that President Muhammadu Buhari is yet to be sworn-in, the noise about the end of his second tenure has been generating echoes.

Does it mean that there is nothing to celebrate about the re-election of Buhari?

Is it a signal to Nigerians not to expect something new from the ruling All Progressives Congress?

Does it mean that we will witness another dreary democracy, poor economy and a more lackluster Buhari?

The silent, yet frequent news about 2023 has subdued the story of the inauguration ceremony, which of course is scheduled for May 29 and June 12.

The meeting of Buhari with the National leader of APC in Makkah, Saudi Arabia during the lesser Hajj rekindles 2023 more than May 29 or June 12.

There are insinuations that Tinubu is becoming too close to Buhari because of his 2023 presidential ambition.

May God spare their lives and let Tinubu and Buhari live beyond 2023. But before then, Nigerians must begin to ask questions now about the plan of Buhari for Nigeria for the next four years.

Questions on how to revamp the economy and health services, education and the provision of necessary infrastructure.

There is a need to do this now before the politicians begin to sow the seeds of discord through religion and ethnicity in the minds of the public members.

Now, the tension is dying down as the presidential election tribunal is taking a new turn with no strong evidence to nail the All Progressives Congress.

As usual, this petition will fizzle out naturally. The opposition, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), must begin to expend more energy on strategy for 2023 instead of wasting more time on litigation.

And towards that 2023, the noise about which ethnic group should become the Nigeria number one will arise. The politician will sell into the public, which religion or faith should occupy the presidential seat.

Of course, the question of which region is the next will prop up serious challenges even though the incumbent is a northerner.

There are those who believe that if the south must produce the next president, he should be a Christian so that the eight years spent by a Muslim Buhari will be balanced by a southern Christian.

But here we are, Tinubu who is a Muslim is being tipped to hold the gauntlet. Who else is ready to wear this armoured glove in the south for now?

Tinubu said that there were pressures on him to contest the 2023 presidential poll. One must salute his courage, coming out at this time to speak about the ambition, even though not yet declared by him.

He remains the most sophisticated politician in Nigeria at present but the problem is whether he is a type of president Nigeria needs now. Will Buhari be happy to see Tinubu becoming his successor?

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