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The One Plus One “Scam” In IKEDC

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ElevateNewstakes a look at the one plus one scheme, being used by IKEDC to scam Nigerians.

If the Federal Government fails to review its agreement with the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company and other DISCOS, Nigerians will continue to suffer.

One of the most inefficient sectors in Nigeria today is the power sector where the distribution companies have no capacity to supply adequate power to its consumers, rather they extort Nigerians so much that there is nothing one can do about it except that the government review its terms with these DISCOS.

The Federal Government has failed in its capacity to provide infrastructure, yet it wants the distribution companies to supply electricity to many communities that have no power network infrastructure at all.

Today,Community Development Associations and Real Estate Companies provide their ownpower infrastructure, including poles, cables and transformers, whichautomatically become the property of DISCOs as soon as the place is energized.

This is alaw that is still in operation. DISCOS have been given the power to own theinfrastructure its customers have built and yet give estimated bills forsupplying energy to these consumers.

A very good example are the residents of New Generation Estate Oke-Ayo Magboro who are suffering under this law. The resident association built the power infrastructure, including the transformer but when the asset got a fault, IKEDC refused to repair or replace.

The first transformer got damaged by the epileptic power supply of the IKEDC and instead of the company to replace it, the residents were directed to fulfil a 1+1 scheme.

This schemeis a condition in which all the residents must clear their outstanding billsbefore a transformer will be replaced, even though the transformer wasoriginally procured by the customers.

After abouttwo months that the residents had been in darkness, they fulfilled the 1+1scheme, paying over N2 million to IKEDC. But it is astonished that the IKEDCcould only bring a moribund transformer, which packed up within two months ofits installation.

Expectedly,the IKEDC ordered the residents to do another 1+1 scheme before it couldreplace the transformer. This is one of the draconian policies of the IKEDC,which also kept the residents of Odozie Street, Ojodu in darkness for one year.

In the case of Odozie, the customers owed IKEDC about N21 million and were asked to pay before a transformer could be given to them. It led to litigation, in which the customers sued IKEDC and the money was slashed to almost 10 percent of what the community owed.

IKEDC members of staff are more loyal to the company’s policy than providing good service to consumers. They want to keep their jobs and in this situation, they are careless about the plight of customers when it has to do with money.

Of course, DISCOS are private business companies and their primary goal is profit-making but this cannot come without quality investment like providing assets that can sustain the business for a long time.

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