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The Other Sides Of Lagos after LGs Polls

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It is not unexpected in Nigeria News that the All Progressives Congress, APC will emerge victorious in Lagos State as far as the National Leader of the party, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu continues to provide the logic and the state government bankroll the election.

So the results of Saturday Local Government election was written in favour of APC long after the volatility of the main opposition party the PDP.

Not quite long that the results were being announced at the various polling stations, the party supporters rolled out the drums to celebrate the emergence of new sets of chairmen and councilors to take charge of the 20 local government and Local Council Development Areas.

The election, which was nearly marred by heavy downpour became a source of inspiration for the joyous party members who later chose to eat and drink in the ponds as a mark of victory on the day.

Lagos rains bring torrent, no doubt and in the last three days, the streets are always wet with light shower from the sky.

On Saturday, the rain came heavy and it started at about 6am. It would not subside at 7am when the officers of the state Independent Electoral Commission, LASIEC would arrive.

Most voters were expecting LASIEC to announce the postponement of the polls but to APC, the election must hold even in the rain.
LASIEC officers arrived their stations eventually but with their umbrellas over their heads. Expectedly, the electorate defied the rains as they showed up for accreditation.

Voting did not begin until around 11am at many centres, including ward F, Alausa Ikeja where Tinubu voted. It was drizzling and yet election was going on.

The State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode had to travel to Epe to vote and was on queue for some minutes to exercise his franchise with other voters. Ambode won his ward landslide for APC.

But rain would not stop, leading to flood in some areas of the state. In Surulere Local Government Area, the flood brought huge refuse and blocked a big canal that would have led to a major disaster if not for the prompt response of the government.

When our correspondent visited the place, it was observed that some residents had built structures across the passage of the water.

The drainage system in the area had collapsed; the volume of water had increased, waiting for disaster to happen.

Just by the side of the canal were victorious party members sitting and drinking in the ponds. They had just won an election. They set a table and chairs in the pond and unwind with beers and other brands of alcohols.

To them, celebration is better done in the cold and in Lagos, nobody waits for the rain to stop. “This is raining season, we can’t wait because the rain will not stop. This pond is a dry place without rain. We must sit and drink right here,” one of the drinkers said.

He explained, “We have been here before the rain began and we can’t run away. Drinks have been provided by the new chairman so let us drink and enjoy.”

Lagos does not sleep, residents work in the middle of the night to make money. The merriment aftermath the election is a very good example. The politicians see victory as a way to make money but not as community development.

“After here, we are all going to the chairman’s house to wish him well,” another voter said. The winner, our correspondent gathered would have to give out some money to the voters to share among themselves.
It is election, it is Lagos life.

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