The Political Calculation That Made Secondus PDP Chairman

The Political Calculation That Made Secondus PDP Chairman

Nigeria News take a look at the permutation that led to the emergence of Prince Uche Secondus as the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

The South-South outclassed the southwest region of Nigeria at the Peoples Democratic Party’s national convention on Saturday. It was a knockout that earlier saw five out of the southwest contestants withdrew from the race.

They saw the handwriting before the polls and as expected threw in the towel to queue behind the only remaining Yoruba man, a professor and former Minister of Education, Tunde Adeniran.

However, the outcome of the polls showed that all the southwest candidates only had a paperweight. Adeniran polled 230 votes as against Prince Uche Secondus from Rivers State, south-south region who eventually won the election.

The third contestant, the Chairman Daar Communication, Chief Raymond Dokpesi could only poll 66 votes, he is also from south-south.

Both Adeniran and Dokpesi had expressed dissatisfaction with the conduct and outcome of the polls on the ground that some fake delegates voted at the convention.

Even though, Dokpesi lost the election, investigation revealed that his company, AIT received N10 million from PDP to make a live broadcast of the convention.

To me, Dokpesi lost nothing but the southwest candidates. Perhaps they would go back home to roost, PDP has never been a southwest party from inception, even though it once produced the president.

As it stands, the permutation has worked for some set of people and king among them is the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike who bankrolled the candidacy of Secondus.

Wike had succeeded with the help of the Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose from the south-west whose ambition had made him kicked against his kinsmen becoming the PDP National Chairman.

Fayose had since declared his intention for the presidency in 2019 and was the first PDP member to break the zoning agreement reached in Port Harcourt’s non-elective convention of the party.

The party had zoned presidency to the north, national chairmanship to the southwest but the calculation changed when Fayose declared that he had the right under the constitution of Nigeria to aspire to any electoral position.

Fayose’s daring challenge was a kind of impetus for Secondus who in turn launched his ambition against the party’s zoning system.

The former Chairman of the party’s National Caretaker Committee, Senator Ahmed Makarfi has not hidden his intention to contest the 2019 presidential election and it was cleared on Saturday that he had hands in the permutation that elected Secondus.

The PDP plan is to pick the vice presidential candidate from the southeast and the Senate president from the southwest.

If it goes this way, what becomes the future of Fayose is yet unknown. The governor’s ambition is about presidency perhaps at worst as the vice president.

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