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The Rich And Their Sudden Love For The Street

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ElevateNews takes a look at the viral video of the CEO of UBA, Tony Elumelu in which he walks on Lagos Street to buy corn.

Alan Jackson has been my all-time country music legend. I see him more as a poet more than a singer. Not only did his poetry manifest in his “Angels and Alcohol’, the song always speak to my brain that God has created us the same but there are social stratifications and order in the way we relate as human beings.

Mostly in Africa where the gap between the poor and the rich is so wide, it easily becomes a big story when an elite and a rich one at that is found mingling with the uneducated and the poor. It does not just happen.

The rich fly in the air, the poor walk on land to do their businesses. But when the poor takes control of the rich, it is either that the latter needs the vote of the former. The rich and the poor in Nigeria are like angels and alcohol.

No one mixes them together. Even when we know that both are creatures of God, it seems they are not meant to stay together. Even in the church of God and in the mosque, the place of the rich and the poor are separated.

One can easily suggest what is in the mind of the rich man when he gets out of his car to walk on the streets of Lagos, perhaps he has missed the street and felt like seeing life from another angle or he has political ambition.

Towards the 2015 general election, the millionaire oil magnate, Femi Otedola was caught on camera cruising inside the popular commercial “Molue’ bus in Lagos. Many had thought he had a gubernatorial ambition but he denied. True to his word, he never contested but his name featured alongside the richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote as the financiers of Muhammadu Buhari’s presidential campaign council.

A few days ago, the Chief Executive of the UBA Plc, Tony Elumelu was seeing on the street of Lagos to buy roasted corn. What is the big deal in a millionaire jumping off his car to buy corn? The picture went viral.

Could he be doing it for political ambition, one does not know what his mind is. It must be noted that those millionaires were once on the street. They grew up from the streets and would always have the feeling to be free once in a while.

The Street is dangerous anyway but it is also sweet because the corn seller, according to investigation took more than the cost of her corn from Elumelu. The Molue’s conductor was paid in mint notes of Naira by Otedola.

Perhaps if our rich and elites can be mingling with the larger society, the future for Nigeria may be better. However, they must be careful due to the increasing rate of insecurity. They should not only live in their towers gold. Like us, let them keep on walking when the road is dark.

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