The Scam About The Abduction and Return Of Dapchi Girls

The Scam About The Abduction and Return Of Dapchi Girls

Nigeria News takes a look at the abduction and return of Dapchi girls, all looks like a new scam in town.


Their smiles make us smile but the circumstance of their return create suspicion. A lot of questions that need an answer.


By 3 am Wednesday, nine vehicles loaded with the abducted pupils of the Government Girls Science and Technical School Dapchi, Yobe State drove back to the town.


The Boko Haram insurgents stormed Dapchi as they did when they came to abduct the 110 schoolgirls a few weeks ago. They had come to offload the girls after an agreement had been reached between them and the Federal Government.


Journalists were barred from moving beyond the Dapchi boundary to where the girls were being kept, a nearby bush owned by the dreaded Jihadist.


But in short time, the vehicles came in batches while the journalists hid from the abductors. Some of the girls were dropped around the villages near Dapchi and other taken to the town.


There was no resistance from the Nigerian soldiers.  It was a game plan and perfectly done. Journalists were not allowed to talk to any of the girls and their parents.


This may happen later after medicals for the abducted children and of course warning about what they must say to the press. “The nine vehicles came exactly the way it came for the abduction”, a source said.


Amidst jubilation, there was a lot of confusion that 105 of the girls were released and five already dead. While members of the public were still sympathizing with the families of those who purportedly lost their loved ones, the Federal Government released an official statement that only 76 were freed and there was no ransom paid to secure them.


The Special Adviser, Mr Segun Adeyemi, to the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed said in a statement that the children were rescued through the back channel and that no ransom was paid.


He also said that the 76 girls were those whose records had been captured earlier. Going by the government’s record, about 34 pupils are still in Boko Haram’s custody. The government cannot confirm if it is true that five of the girls are dead.


Journalists are blocked from seeing the girls and their parents.


However, a parent who refused to disclose his name spoke to our correspondent through telephone that his daughter just returned home early this morning.


He said, “I was elated to see Aisha at home this morning. There was a loud noise in the community early this morning and when we rushed out, I saw Aisha among the freed girls. She told me that the Boko Haram brought them at about 3 am and asked them to go home straight and not go to the soldiers.”


The parent told our correspondent that the girls were not rescued by the Nigerian troops but that the Jihadists actually brought them.


According to Aisha, five of the girls died the day they were kidnapped on the road. She explained that the Boko Haram members did not maltreat the girls throughout their stay.


In all of these, it was gathered that the Dapchi kidnap had some financial motive for the Boko Haram. It was learnt that a ransom was paid by the government even though it had denied it to secure the release of the innocent girls.


As he put it the former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, the abduction is a scam but thank God that the girls were released but saddened that five of them died. He was of the view that the day those behind the scam would be revealed, Nigerians would spit on the grave of the perpetrators.

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