They Raped My Girlfriend To Death In Libya – Returnee

They Raped My Girlfriend To Death In Libya - Returnee

A Nigerian returnee, who identified himself as simply Omo Harry revealed how his girlfriend Rita was raped to death in Libya.


Harry is one of the 560 Nigerians that came back from Libya last week and in his narration, he told our correspondent that he travelled with his girlfriend through Kano, Niger to Libya so that he could cross to Europe but never got to his destination while he lost his girlfriend to rapists.


According to him, an agent who facilitated the journey for them never told them what they would pass through.


“We raised about N600, 000, myself and Rita. After we paid the money to the agent, he arranged how we would pass through Niger. We passed through the bush and desert and after about seven days, we arrived in Libya but into the hands of kidnappers,” he said.


From that point, Harry said he never set his eyes on the agent again but realized he had fallen as a victim.


“Some people came out and put us in a house believed to be the den of captors. Right there, they called the number of the parents of my girlfriend back home in Nigeria and demanded a ransom,” he said.


Harry explained that the parents could only send N150, 000, adding, “The hoodlums grabbed my girlfriend and chained her to a pole inside the house and raped her every day.’


“After two weeks of rape and torture, she gave up the ghost. No fewer than six men raped her daily while we looked because they killed whosoever tried to argue with them.”

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