Tinubu And The Elephant’s Folktale

Tinubu And The Elephant’s Folktale

Nigeria News takes a look at Tinubu’s new role in APC and compares it with the popular Yoruba Elephant’s folktale.


We all enjoyed the elephant folktale told by our parents as we grew up those days. For those of us who lived in the compound setting, it was always interesting sitting among the elders as they told various stories of the tortoise and elephant.


Those days had vanished due to urban migration and of course modernization. Technology had replaced folktale with cartons and games on the GSM handsets and television.


Then a story of a king, hunter and the elephant always came up. And it was a king who wanted to save the life of his heir by sacrificing an elephant. All the hunters in the community were gathered to choose the bravest who could fetch an elephant alive.


The community finally settled down to pick “Oluode” the Head of the hunters. And in his wisdom, Oluode asked the king to dig a big pit and on it lay a big mat.


He told the king to put his royal chair on this mat because elephant would be tricked to sit on it when it arrives.


The chief hunter came up with a song, “A o merin joba, eweku ewele” and prepared bean cakes enough to lure the elephant to the town. He made his way to the forest, singing the sonorous lyrics and dropping a ball of bean cake to entice the elephant.


Oluode succeeded in tricking the elephant to the town with bean cake and melodious song. The elephant knew not the real intention of the Oluode. It had followed him with the hope that it would be crowned a king.


Alas, the elephant sat on the mat of death and became a prey for the king and the entire community.


I pray that the All Progressives Congress, APC had not dug a pit for its National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu whom to me looks so much like the elephant now.


President Muhammadu Buhari as a king had designated Tinubu to reconcile the aggrieved members of the party but with the way things are going, I begin to smell some underhanded activities among the stakeholders.


Tinubu cried out last week that the National Chairman of the party, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun was sabotaging his efforts. Tinubu’s antecedents have shown that he is a party builder but the personal interest of many of the members of APC may jeopardize his reconciliatory moves.


Can it be true that Buhari will trust Tinubu and prefer him to the Ogun State Governor, Ibikunle Amosun who is now leading another group to strengthen Oyegun’s position?


The present scenario is like the elephant’s folktale and Tinubu must be very careful. He was thrashed just after the 2015 general election but had since become the toast of Buhari.


Many members of the party hate Tinubu’s ways of doing things, even though he had at one time or the other helped some of them realise their political ambitions.


A o merin joba, eweku ewele; Erin to dade owo, Erin to tepa ileke”. This is the lyric of the elephant folktale as it was told in Yorubaland by Yoruba elders. Can Tinubu pass this test?

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