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Tinubu’s Colloquium And Structure

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Nigeria News takes a look at the Tinubu’s Colloquium.

On Friday, March 29, the former Governor of Lagos State and National leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu clocked 67.

He wascelebrated a day before his birthday at the annual event tagged “Tinubu’sColloquium’ held inside the conference Centre Abuja.

With thetheme, “Work for the people that the people may work for themselves”,the colloquium addressed the simplest method the present government could useto alleviate the poverty of the masses.

The Chiefhost, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo summarised Tinubu as one kind oftransformative leader that a nation will require to change things at a timewhen the future looks bleak.

The 11thcolloquium gathered no fewer than 11 governors, scores of senators, lawmakers,ministers and scholars most of whom had passed through the tutelage of thecelebrator at one time or the other.

Earlier,President Muhammadu Buhari had described Tinubu as a selfless leader who stoodalone at a period many of his peers bowed to the power that be. Tinubu’sresilience, doggedness ensured the birth of APC and by extension the life ofdemocracy.

Thepresident recalled how Tinubu stood against the dictatorial rule of formerPresident Olusegun Obasanjo who withheld the Lagos State Local Government fundsdespite the  Supreme Court judgment thatthe money should be released.

At thecolloquium, Tinubu advised the government of Buhari to kill the idea of VATincrease being proposed by the Federal Inland Revenue Service but insteadexpand the tax net to accommodate more people.

He urged thegovernment to go after tax evader in order to generate more revenues instead ofincreasing the VAT rate.

To him,increasing that VAT rate is like weakening the purchasing power of the masses,adding that this will further impoverish the citizens and give the ruling partya bad name.

Tinubu saidthat he could celebrate because his party won the presidential election, addingthat he would be delighted if the government can work for the people so thatpeople can work for themselves.

Tinubu’s colloquium is a product of the human structures he had built over the years. The event, which is being sponsored annually by Osinbajo attracted eggheads, many of whom testified to the intellectual power of Tinubu.

As theSecretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Mustapha put it,“Tinubu is very resilient and this has shown in his selfless lifestyle. Hewill go to any length to ensure justice.”

In hissubmission, the former Lagos State Commissioner for Information, Mr. Dele Alakeexamined Tinubu’s pros and cons and concluded that his former boss had thebiggest positive impact in the life of the masses. “Tinubu’s pros faroverweight the cons when put on the balance,” Alake said.

For theMajority leader, House of Representatives, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila, either wayyou slice it, Tinubu stands tall. “He has contributed largely to thedevelopment of this country and he is still doing it at 67,” he said.

These are the structures that have made Tinubu strong. Twice, he dropped his personal ambition, first not to return to the Senate after two-term as Governor as many of his peers did.

Second, hedropped the ambition of running with Buhari as vice presidential candidate in2015 due to Muslim/Muslim ticket farce. He kept to building human structures soas to build a strong party and a strong democracy.

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