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Tiwa Savage: Through Thick And Thin

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Nigeria News takes a look at the music of Tiwa Savage, her efforts and global recognition.

For seven years that she stayed with Mavin Records, the Nigerian music sensation, Tiwa Savage has risen to be a force in the music industry.

She had endured emotional trauma that eventually cracked and broke his marriage with her estranged manager husband, Tunji Balogun.

Tiwa has remained focused working with Mavin boss, Don Jazzy and churning out many evergreen songs to the delight of her fans, irrespective of the pains.

Unarguably, Tiwa is the most hardworking female singer at present within African context.

After the story of her alleged infidelity, Tiwa refused to go down with her detractors but moved up the standard of Afro hip hop with great collaborations with the low and the high, which eventually turned out to be blessings.

In “Malo with Wizkid, Lova Lova with Duncan Mighty and a host of other duets in which Tiwa’s vocal became so loud to win various awards, many that she could not even attend due to her busy schedule.

She was abused mostly by her female competitors who misjudged her professionalism for promiscuity.

Tiwa expressed her disgust that Africa is the most difficult continent for a woman singer to excel because there are too many hypocrites who will never remove the log in their eyes before seeking to remove the peck in other People’s eyes.

Tiwa continued to push forward not minding her detractors while also providing for the needs of her little baby.

Yet, they make a mockery of her for being a single parent, even when it is not a crime to be in such situation.

And when she acted in one of Wizkid’s music videos, the noise that Tiwa might be the next Star Boy’s baby mama rented the air.

The question is, why has Tiwa suddenly become enemy of some of the Nigerian female singers? Perhaps because she has raised the bar, which they cannot meet.

The former “Alapere” babe has made a less hard-worker and busy body among the singers run bankrupt.

I have asked severally, where are a like Waje, Omawunmi and Chidinma? They all belong in the same generation with Tiwa.

They still sing but with no much vigour and carriage like Tiwa.

There is a need for Nigerian female artists to do more research and perhaps learn from former Mavin’s angel instead of threatening to quit the music stage.

Waje has got the talent but it sounds unbelievable that she is leaving music for the media industry. Waje claimed that she could not fund her music again.

To me, it should be the other way round. With such a talent, what Waje needs now is the right expertise that can help promote her brand of music.

With this, music will not only fund her other projects but give her the financial breakthrough she had wanted.

It is this music that brought Waje to the limelight, she would need to reconsider her stance by sticking to the trade that made her.

For Yemi Alade, her name is more popular than her music. She must be more creative. Although her kind of music sells outside Nigeria, in many African countries, she must step up her game to make it relevant in Europe and America.

Today, Tiwa has moved to the global reckoning by her latest signing with the Universal Music Group.

The agreement was that the new record label would promote Tiwa’s songs in not less than 60 countries across the world.

This is a huge market that may increase the wealth of the black, beautiful angel who grew up at Alapere, Ketu Lagos.

She just bought a customized car at N60 million, this is the little that can come out of Tiwa as the world expects her to win a Grammy.

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