Top 4 Nigerian Breaking News

Nigerian is a country that is full of actions and dramas where news are generated every hour. Journalists are busy people in this country because from sports, politics, business to education, there is always something worth the world’s attention. Below are among the most recent Nigerian breaking news that are worth knowing!


  1. Pastor T.B Announces to Relocate His Ministry 30/4/2017

On Sunday 30th April, Pastor Joshua made a bombshell announcement that he is planning to relocate his ministry to Israel. The rationale behind this move, according to the prophet, is because his ministry has been persecuted for long. This persecution has made the pastor to live in Virtual Isolation where the only place he normally visit is in the Church. He added that there are many prominent champions and dignitaries in the Western world who are supposed to be in Nigeria but they were denied the chance to showcase their professionalism and talents. An example is the heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua who was turned down by the Nigerian Sports authority. This announcement is among the Nigeria breaking news because nobody thought that the prophet would one day think of migrating to a foreign land considering how influential he is.


  1. Presidency Meet Service Chiefs 3/5/2017

In a bid to immediately halt the Humanitarian crisis that is prevailing the North East, the presidency met with the service Chiefs to plan the way forward. In attendance was chief of Defence Staff, Gabriel Olonisakin, the Chief of Army, Tukur Buratai and Mrs.Kemi Adesun. This follows the Boko Haram Insurgency that ravaged the region to an extent that walking around is a problem. No shops, residents cannot walk freely on a broad day light among many other misfortunes. The Armed forces have vowed to go every corner of the region to ensure that the devils are eliminated from the place. It’s part of the Nigerian Breaking News because people never thought that peace would one day come to that region.


  1. Nigeria is Broken, But Biafra is Not the Answer 4/5/2017

Despite citizens dying of hunger, the NNPC Group Managing Director is hiding millions of dollars for himself. No electricity, no food, and no rains yet the guy cannot donate even relief food to the people. In a country where politicians are chosen on the basis of ethnic background, it is hard to get a true serving leader. Even when Biafra is restored to normalcy, Nigeria still needs a good leader for its troubles to end.


  1. Senate Banned the Transfer of Prisoners from UK to Nigeria 2/5/2017

The Nigerian Senate banned the UK government from transferring Nigerian citizens who were imprisoned in UK back to Nigeria. The senate further explained that when someone has been sentenced a jail term, he or she should serve it there in the UK because the crime was committed at that soil and the ruling was done in the UK court of law. Furthermore the Nigerian Prisons have no British prisons. This were the Nigerian breaking news because people thought that the government is supposed to accept its people.

The Bottom line is that online newspapers have good news under all categories. For this and more other stories, it is good to subscribe to the online newspapers so that you get quick updates.

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