Unusual Scarcity And Nigeria’s Situation During Festive Season

Unusual Scarcity And Nigeria’s Situation During Festive Season

The Christmas celebration may have come and gone, but one thing that will linger for a while in the hearts of so many Nigerians is how they spent it.


This is always a time many Nigerians travel to different parts of the country in order to spend the yuletide with friends and families. And most times, this does not just come without some anticipated hitches, there’s so much apprehension as to how to get to one’s destination, either because of hike in transport fare, accidents due to reckless driving and traffics on the roads, etc. yet this is meant to be a joyous and merry-filled season.


While trying to grapple with the high cost of food items, hike in transportation and the high cost of living generally, the monstrous head of the ugly sight of the long queues in filling stations resurfaces to add insult to injury.


Many Nigerians ended up spending this lovely season, not in their usual fun places but at the most unfair sites, the petrol station, not even in a palatable mood, queuing endlessly to purchase petrol. Where some were able to buy and others couldn’t.


This situation has persisted and there seem to be no end in sight. The government has been speaking and the action is only heard of in the media. The reality on ground is in sharp contrast from the government perceived action.


Nigerians are in doubt on who to believe between the government and the independent marketers, who is responsible for the scarcity? Who’s to be blamed? Could it be an artificial/man-made scarcity? If it is man-made, heads should be rolling by now. While some Nigerians are groaning in pains, some are busy smiling to the banks, amassing wealth at the expense of fellow Nigerians.


A peep into the Nigeria oil industry, precisely the downstream sectors, the activities are so “dark” and secretive to the extent that, the more one seeks to know, the more confused one gets. The question now is, why should it be so? One will simply conclude that there are so much greed and selfishness among the major players in the industry.


Days preceding the yuletide, petrol is sold in virtually all filling stations, food items are sold at fair prices, even though the roads are fairly busy and so on. It is now becoming a common tradition that during the festive periods, traders, petroleum marketers, transporters, etc. maximized the opportunity to inflict pains on Nigerians by increasing the cost of goods and services, creating artificial scarcity just to amass wealth.


Sadly, the common man on the street is meant to bear all these. Some have not been paid salaries for months and yet they are expected to live up to expectations, fulfil family responsibilities, etc. The sad tale is endless.


There is need for complete overhaul of the systems, we need leaders that will sacrifice, leaders that are selfless, leaders that will go all the way, leaders that will consider the country as their own and seek to transform their country rather than looting their country and enriching other countries, leaders that will transform Nigeria into the “Dubai” of today that was transformed in 10 years to become a destination today. It is possible to have such leaders in Nigeria.

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