US Court Jails Nigerian Businessman ‘Ezeoma Chigozie Obioha’ Over Murder

US Court Jails Nigerian Businessman 'Ezeoma Chigozie Obioha' Over Murder

United States court has sentenced a Nigerian businessman, Ezeoma Chigozie Obioha to life in prison for killing a woman, Jean Melvin in 2015.

The court jailed Obioha without the possibility of parole during an emotional court hearing in which the victim’s older brother Ryan cried uncontrollably.

The 32-year-old Obioha shot dead a woman with a shotgun as she walked into a restaurant in Hollywood with her boyfriend.

While the sentencing was on, Obioha sat showing no emotion as Carrie’s relatives told the court that her killing had upended their lives, ktla . com reported.

Father of the victim, Bernard Melvin said that he had witnessed what he never prayed for any father to see in the trial of Obioha who killed his daughter.

“I had to hear and see things in the trial that no parent should have to hear.”
To the victim’s family, it was a nightmare seeing Obioha proving he is innocent.

In December 2016, after the conviction, Obioha’s attorney, Jamon Hicks, told reporters that he was “disappointed obviously” with the verdict and said that he believed the defense had done a “good job of showing that there was reasonable doubt in the case.”,

To Obioha’s sister, Nkechi Howell, the verdict was expected but insisted that her brother did not commit the offence he was jailed for.

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