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US Visa Ban And Our Voluntary Slavery

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ElevateNews takes a look at the visa ban on Nigeria by the US Govt.

I once visited the United States and that was in 2009 on a media fellowship with World Journalism Institute, New York.

I was delayed for one hour at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, Atlanta for carrying two tins of sardine.

Being a Nigerian subjected me to serious scrutiny and it dawned on me that going to a foreign land could be a voluntary slavery.

Even though I was invited by the WJI, there was that mistrust by the American immigration about Nigerians.

About 300 years ago, white men came to Africa to buy black men as slaves. It was clear then that the blacks were contented with their lives, they never wanted to go to the United Kingdom or the United States.

They were bought, with their lips padlocked and their voices silenced by the power of guns.

Some of them escaped back home after years of slavery. Many were used and killed by their slave masters.

But today, Nigerians and many other Africans are begging to go to America and Europe because the black continent had become so corrupted and unsafe.

No thanks to military rules that were aided by the whites to perpetuate corruption.

The Khaki boys looted the public treasury, took the money abroad into European and American banks, subjecting the masses to another neo-colonialism.

Internal crisis grows in Africa. The political elites use the borrowed religions to divide the citizens.

Terrorism, banditry, cultism, ritualism and kidnapping are now common trades in Africa and Nigeria in particular.

Insecurity has become so politicized. The security service chiefs in Nigeria feed on security funds as terrorists and their sponsors kill our soldiers like chicken.

Yet, the citizens are so docile that they cannot rebel against the oppressive government.

Perhaps that was why the President of the United States Donald Trump described the African continent as shithole.

A race of docile beings that soak up everything its government throws at it. The people have been coerced that they cannot challenge the incompetence of their leaders.

They have been so impoverished that they seek food to eat and money to spend first from politicians as the conditions to cast their ballots.

Those who cannot live this miserable life daily seek the opportunity to relocate to developed economies through any means and routes.

Many have died in the Mediterranean sea while crossing from Africa to Europe in search of good life.

The population of Africa asylum seekers are growing in Europe and America and this is affecting the security and economy of those countries too.

Trump has said that the life and well-being of an average American is more germane to him than any other migrants.

He sees Nigerians leaving Nigeria because of our poor security, bad economy, poor educational and health service systems.

Mend your home, Trump once advised President Muhammadu Buhari but instead our government will always give excuse on the bad security.

Buhari has refused to change the service chiefs despite the calls by various groups to change them.

They have compromised and politicized their roles, making it so difficult to defeat Boko Haram.

But now that US government has slammed on us immigration visa ban, it is imperative that our government look inward to solve this problem of insecurity.

Nigerians can only travel as tourists to the US but not to relocate. Any one who tries to escape to the US may be doing that at his own peril. He will be venturing into voluntary slavery.

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