Valentine’s Day; How Not To Celebrate It

Valentine’s Day; How Not To Celebrate It

Every February 14 is marked as the most romantic day of the year when lovers appreciate themselves with gifts and love.


It is a day the privileged in the society take time out to show love to the less privileged in the spirit of St. Valentine, a Roman lover whose poem had continued to reverberate whenever love is mentioned.


But, nowadays in Nigeria, especially among youths, Valentine’s Day is viewed with the eyes of sexual liberty in which many young girls easily lose their self-esteem to obsession.


Instead of sharing gifts, clubhouses are opened 24 hours for promiscuity and of course unprotected sex.


The National Agency for Control of Aids NACA has called on youths to abhor unprotected sex today and all at all time, adding that the rate of HIV cases increases more during the Valentine’s Day.


The Director-General of NACA, Dr Sani Aliyu disclosed this in a press statement as he advised young girls to spend the Valentine’s Day with a show of love instead of a show of sexual immorality.


According to him, the Valentin’s Day should be a period in which one shows affection even to a stranger by presenting him or her with gifts, flowers and goodies.

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