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PROJECT: “National Entrepreneurship Development Program”

Organised by Association of Cottage Industrialists of Nigeria nationwide to benefit 780,000 Nigerians.

ACIN is an association being saddled with the responsibility of tackling problems facing microenterprises. In light of recent economic downturn, developmental strategies are now needed than ever in creating jobs and supporting the existing jobs and microenterprises are doing a good job in this regard, but from statistics, very few of microenterprises grows into a firm while majority of them close down within a short period of time. And the problems causing this are being highlighted to be

* Lack of access to quality training

* No development support

* Access to funds

These are the problems which ACIN as a problem solving association is seeking to tackle by providing quality training in the area of production, farming, fabrication and also development support in your field of choice and lastly, access to funds in each state


1001- POSITIONS:- Board of Trustee.

1002- POSITIONS:- Governing Council.

1003- POSITIONS:- Advisory Council.


1020- POSITIONS: State Project Coordinator/ Area Manager of CIMI.


* Creating awareness using every available resources in all the local governments area of your state

* Presenting situation reports, recommendations and advice about your State and do’s and don’ts

* Submission of registered prospective participants with their contact address on weekly basis prior the commencement of the Project

* Booking appointments with the facilitators

* Procurement of Training Centers

* Leading the project team and coordinating the project

* Handling all matters related to project content with the National Project Coordinator

* Presenting and implementing the agreed action plan to the agreed standards and deadlines

* Regular liaison with ACIN Secretariat and National Coordinator on all project-related matters

* Ensuring the effective preparation and delivery of all project events and meetings and production of all necessary documentation

* Taking responsibility for the effective flow of information between team members, participants in project activities, and the National Project Coordinator

* Ongoing evaluation of project activity and reporting on project progress to the National Project Coordinator

* Submission of the final results of the project to the National Project Coordinator

* Participation at meetings for coordinators


* A graduate of any Institution and Course

* He/She must be an indigene of the State being applied for or He/She must have spent over 10 years in the State being applied for

* Ability to communicate effectively and eloquently in English and prevailing language(s) spoken in the State being applied for

* Must be a resident of the State being applied for

* Must have an office or a business point of call/address

* A leader and an influential figure.

REMUNERATION: Performance Based and very juicy.


Visit our website on:- or Send Application to our email with the title of the State being applied for and your comprehensive CV to

And for more enquiries;


Or call 08085122941.

Application Opens on 30/06/2017 till


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