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Wadume’s Escape: A Compromised Security System

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ElevateNews takes a look at the killing of three policemen by Nigerian soldiers and the consequent freedom to kidnapper Kingpin Wadume.

Hmmmmm. The story about the killing of three policemen attached to the Inspector General of Police Special Intelligent Squad by men of the Nigerian Army is still baffling me.

I sympathise with the families of these cops but very bitter that those in charge of the national security are themselves’ devils.

Nobody is safe in this country because the soldiers who killed the cops did the job of hired assassin rather than providing security for the nation and the citizens.

The worst angle to this story is that the soldiers killed the cops to free a criminal, one Alhaji Hamisu Wadume, a kidnap kingpin who lives in Ibi Town, Jalingo Taraba State.

The cops entered Jalingo to arrest Wadume and had to pass through three army checkpoints to reach the home of the kidnap kingpin.

It was a good journey as they passed through the checkpoints. They made their intention known to the soldiers as they drove into Ibi town.

It was also a successful operation as they easily caught their suspect, Wadume and bundled him into the police Van.

They set for a return journey, passed the first and second checkpoints before soldiers opened fire on them just after they passed the third checkpoint.

Investigation revealed that an army captain had ordered the killing of the cops. Their vehicle was riddled with bullets.

As the vehicle somersaulted two of the cops quickly dashed into the bush but three of them and a civilian were brutally attacked by the rampaging soldiers. They shot at them at close range while the arrested Wadume, a kidnapper, was asked to run for his dear life.

He disappeared from the scene and up till now, his whereabout is yet unknown. The security agents have lunched for Wadume’s manhunt.

They have been combing the Jalingo Forest but the kidnapper is gone.

The captain who made a phone call and ordered the killing of the police, according to an investigation is on the payroll of Wadume.

This is a totally compromised security system, yet President Muhammadu Buhari has refused to change the security chiefs.

The Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Buratai Turkur has shown that he is not capable to stem the unprofessional conduct among his officers.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has pointed this out in his last letter to President Muhammadu Buhari that the present security chiefs need to give way for a new set of military personnel.

The Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka has also advised Buhari to declare a state of emergency on security.

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