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War of Cola Drinks: Bigi Closes On Coke In Nigeria Market

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Nigeria News takes a look at the war among cola drinks in Nigeria and the market propaganda to beat themselves.

This is not the best time for the Nigeria Bottling Company, maker of the popular soft drink, Coca-Cola as it faces stiff competition from the Rite Foods Limited, maker of Bigi-Cola.

Bigi-Cola entered the open market like whirlwind and it is making wave, unarguably the strongest contender against Coke.

A 60cl bottle of Bigi-Cola is sold at N100 as against Coke, which 50cl is sold at N150. More Nigerians are now embracing Bigi-Cola, which has almost the same taste as Coke.

The 60cl Bigi-Cola is tagged “Introduction” and it carries the flag and map of Nigeria to signify its indigenous Power.

As a matter of fact, some Nigerians do not know that Bigi-Cola is not a product of the Nigeria Bottling Company as they embrace it like Coca-Cola.

The growing sales of Bigi-Cola has since reduced the sales of Coke, according to distributors of the products who did not want their names mentioned.

Recalled that the Nigeria Bottling Company came up with a solo size, 35cl, which is sold at N100 in retail market, it has not reduced the selling capacity of Bigi-Cola.

The Rite Food Limited also produces these drinks in various flavours of apple, pineapple, mango and tropical to really demystify Coke.

Before now, Nigerians had found alternative in Pepsi, a product of the 7up Bottling Company but Bigi-Cola came in bigger size and quality taste.

It was gathered that the Bigi-Cola has so much affected Colas market that the Nigeria Bottling Company and its 7up counterpart have to retrench some of its workers.

The irony here is that some of the retrenched staff are being absorbed by the Rite Foods Company to fortify its workforce as it is bent to push out Coke and Pepsi out of the market.

Rite Foods Company is an indigenous enterprise that started with the production of Rite sausage and snacks with its head office located at Adebola House, Opebi, Ikeja Lagos.

Owned by the pioneer photo industrialist and owner of FOTOTEK Industry, Alhaji Adebola Adegunwa, Rite Foods Limited may have come to stay in soft drink market.

Adegunwa excelled in photo industry and became the sole distributor of Agfa film in Africa sub region for many years before he diversified into real estate and now food industry.

The success recorded by Rite Food Limited in the food industry has shown that Nigerian indigenous firms can compete favourably if given the opportunity.

But, there will be problem and Rite Foods must be ready to face it. There will soon be a strong propaganda to force Bigi-Cola out of the market.

It was gathered that the pioneer staff of Bigi-Cola were poached from Coca-Cola and they could be used against their new company if care is not taken.

According to the investigation, some of the propaganda that were being peddled now is that the owner of Bigi-Cola is a member of Grail and that he came up with the product to initiate Nigerians into Grail.

However, a close source told our correspondent that Alhaji Adegunwa is a devoted Muslim and that he single-handedly built the Central Mosque in Ososa, Ogun State his native town and has nothing to do with the Grail.

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