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What Can Ambode Do?

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There is nothing the former Governor of Lagos State can do to stop the angry Lagos politicians from denting his personality.

He needs to play a different politics now by seeking and getting the sympathy of those that can help him so that his hardearned image is not tarnished.

The truth on whether he was involved in N9.9 billion fraud will soon be unfolded but the bad job on his image is a continuous plan by those he has offended while in office.

One of them is the Speaker House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa who is bent on probing the spending of the ex-governor.

The assembly has set up a probe committee to look into Ambode’s stewardship in Lagos as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has continued to investigate the N9.9 billion alleged fraud.

A friend was telling me a few days ago that probing Ambode would only expose the sins of the Lagos grandfather of politics, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

He also submitted that the assembly could not probe the ex-governor while in office because he threatened to expose the atrocities of some of the holier than thou members of the APC.

I told him that Ambode lacked the gut to do so because h was not a saint. The moment you get into politics, you are more or less a pig.

You become unclean from day one and if I may quote the former Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, “If you fight with the pig, the pig gets happy but you get dirty.”

In this scenario, both of you are dirty. What is happening to Ambode presently had once happened to Fashola and Tinubu himself.

Tinubu was investigated on alleged false university certificate, tagged “Chicago”. He played the dirtiest but smart politics to pacify those who hated him.

The fiery lawyer, late Chief Gani Fawehinmi stood against Tinubu. He wanted him impeached but Tinubu survived it and went ahead to rule Lagos for two terms. Instead of picking enemies, he found ways to make his enemies become his friends.

For Fashola, the “True Face Of Lagos” rose against him. They came up with various allegations of financial misappropriations but he survived all these just because he made himself relevant with members of the political party.

Fashola endeared himself with those that could listen to his predecessor, Tinubu who was bent on stopping him from contesting for the second term.

Beside the fact that he is a technocrat, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Fashola learnt politics so fast that he lobbied his way to win his second term ticket.

Even when he left office, the issue of a N78 million website came up to dent his image. He survived it not because he is a saint but because he knew how to manage the power that be.

Of course, he is a lawyer. He also had the secrets of some of those who were tormenting him, he kept everything to himself and played along to survive in his political career.

Ambode never survived anything. He was brought in and pushed out. He failed or perhaps refused to make friends with the real political animals whose lives depend on any government in power.

Ambode is steadily losing sympathisers. This is a country where people judge by what is reported on the pages of newspapers, not by the conduct of the accused.

Tinubu owns the media, there is no doubt about that. His life has also shown that he forgives easily.

Ambode may have not offended Tinubu anyways, he can still hide under the politician to stop those who want his head in the saucer.

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