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When Buhari’s Seat Squared Up Sowore And Shittu

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Nigeria News takes a look at the debate between the publisher of Sahara Reporter, Omoyele Sowore and Minister of Communication, Adebayo Shittu on 2019 presidential election.


The publisher of the online platform, the popular Sahara Reporter, Mr Omoyele Sowore has declared his intention to run for the presidency in 2019 but he will need to be a registered member of a political party before he will be taken seriously.


According to Nigeria constitution, any candidate contesting for any political office in the country must have been a registered member of a political party but as at now, Sowore belongs to no party, yet he is making more publicity about becoming the next Nigerian president.


He has the right to contest and having broken into radical journalism to challenge the Nigeria media industry, Sowore has created a space for himself as a force to reckon with, though with some credibility questions of what the Sahara Reporter publishes.


The All Progressives Congress, APC rode on many online publishers, including Sahara Reporter to propagate the ideas that kicked out the Peoples Democratic Party’s administration in 2015.


However, the APC has since thrown away the baby with the bathwater as it now refers to Sahara Reporters and the publisher, Sowore as practising junk journalism.


Some politicians, including President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki and Senator Dino Melaye have charges of libel and innuendos against Sahara Reporter in court but none of them has been able to nail him.


The latest of the legal tussle against Sowore’s online medium came from the Minister of Communication, Adebayo Shittu who had approached the court to challenge Sowore for defamation of character.


Sahara Reporter had published a story in which Shittu’s aides had alleged the minister of acquiring some property illegally within the last two years of this administration.


About a week ago, Sowore met Shittu during a radio programme in Ibadan Oyo State. It was a crossfire even before the interview session. The two had squared up. Sowore said that by 2019, Shittu would have become a former minister and that he would have become the next Nigerian president.


The minister fired back, describing Sowore as inconsequential and should rather seek an elective position as ward Chancellor in his town.


The minister stated that the presidential seat is not for the youths but for adults who know their onions. But Sowore swiftly replied, saying that by 2019, the old horses whose politics and obsolete knowledge ran the country down would be kicked out.


Sowore, who is 47 said that he had been in the forefront of the struggle to make Nigeria a better place for over 30 years, as a student union leader at the University of Lagos. Now,

“I have used my media platform to challenge the status quo and expose many of the politicians who have been looting the country dry.”


Shittu had to quickly come in, describing Sahara reports as false and that he would soon sue Sowore for defamation of character.


“Take me to court, then I will open books for you,”


Sowore replied as he vowed to appear in court whenever the minister is ready to sue him.


The reporter described the present government of Muhammadu Buhari as deceitful, which of course must be kicked out by 2019.

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