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When It Is Right To Be Wrong: The Kachikwu/Baru’s Row

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Nigeria News take a look at the appearance of Vice President Osinbajo in the story of Kachikwu and Baru


For Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to say he did not approve any contract is enough indicator that something is not right with the procedure with which the Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation NNPC Dr Maikanti Baru awarded a $25 billion contract.


Osinbajo had admitted that he granted two presidential approvals for financing joint ventures which were loans not contracts and that the law provides for those authorizations.


The NNPC had claimed that the presidential approvals it received for two oil contracts worth N640 billion were granted by Vice President Osinbajo during the time he acted as president.


But speaking in Bonny on Thursday the vice president said the financing loans were approved after due diligence and in adherence to established procedures and it was different from the allegation of the contract awarded by Baru without recourse to the NNPC board headed by the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr Ibe Kachikwu.


He added that the approvals were necessary to deal with the huge backlog of unpaid cash calls which the Buhari administration inherited.


Aftermath the Kachikwu’s petition to President Muhammadu Buhari, in which he had raised issues bordering on insubordination against Baru, which of course had led to NNPC awarding contracts of about $25 billion without carrying the board along, no single report has been able to address the situation.


This is the NNPC that says there is no law mandating it to discuss issues bordering on contracts with the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Ibe Kachikwu.


It is the same NNPC that says it discussed with Ibe before awarding the contracts of $10b and that it engaged 7 companies recommended by Ibe out of the 40 listed for the job.


It is the same NNPC that says it has no business with the NNPC board when it comes to awarding contracts but the Federal Executive Council headed by President Buhari.


The NNPC that accused Kachikwu of concocting contracts figures also said that the minister knew about the contracts.

NNPC’s many fortifications of its facts create confusion and more suspicions.

But the contract was never brought before the FEC, Osinbajo would have cleared the air in this regard and there is not yet a report where the issue of contract procurement by NNPC was discussed at the FEC meeting.


As at today, the NNPC had released about four press statement trying to exonerate itself from the alleged impropriety in the corporation. It has spoken extensively on its accountability and responsibility to the tenders board as per awarding contract is concerned.


Kachikwu wrote just one petition but NNPC had answered with about four reports.


Who is concocting falsehood now? Could it be the minister who wrote a petition and President Buhari called him to make no comment again or Baru who visited vice president Osinbajo to get backing but was let down?

Who is concocting falsehood? One question, four answers. Which one is right, which one is wrong?

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